13 Times The BTS Members Were Actually The Biggest ARMY And Called Each Other “Cute”

#2 was so wholesome!

Nobody is a bigger fan of BTS than the members themselves! Check out some of the most adorable moments where they couldn’t help but call each other “cute” below.

1. The members got a front row view to RM being cute!

RM: Everyone, I love you~~

Jimin: I want to see it, too!

Jin: I want to watch it from the front, too!

RM: Everyone, I love you~~

V: Ah, cute~~ Hey, why are you cute!?

2. Suga told V his hair was the cutest — and every ARMY agrees.

Suga: *Stuttering* Lately, I think your hair is the prett- Cutest.

3. Jin and J-Hope were a fan of Jungkook’s super cute pigtails.

Jin: Who did [your hair] for you?

Jungkook: I did [my hair] myself.

Jin: Can you show the camera?

J-Hope: He’s cute, right?

Jungkook: Aren’t I pretty?

J-Hope: Jungsoonie.

Jungkook: Jungsoonie?

Jin: Jungkook was cute.

Jungkook: WHAT?!

Jin: Heย isย cute…

4. RM called every BTS member cute and lovely!

5. Suga couldn’t get over how squishy Jimin was on this day duringย Bon Voyage Season 4.

Suga: *Laughing* Why are you so cute today?

Jimin: ???

Jin: There isn’t a day where Jimin isn’t cute.

Suga: No but it he has the feeling of the first time he came to Seoul.

6. Jungkook kept making mistakes, but it’s okay: The hyungs are smitten with him!

Jungkook: Okay, mistake!

Jimin: Why are those all mistakes, for us it’s a minus.

Suga: Do you know why? [Because] Jungkook is cute.

7. J-Hope’s aegyo apology instantly made RM a fan of his cuteness!

J-Hope: I’m sorry~ Sorry I won’t do that* anymore! [T/N: apologizing for not showing his abs]

RM: Ah, so cute!

8. Jin said what every ARMY was thinking.

J-Hope: How old are you, Seokjinnie *Laughing*

Jin: Hob-ah…am I cute?

9. The members lost it over Suga’s cute dance!

J-Hope: He’s cute

J-Hope: Isn’t he moving lazily? LOL

V: Why are you dancing like a chick?

Suga: That’s the point.

10. This conversation between V and Jimin is a classic.

V: How am I today?

Jimin: What?

V: How am I today.

Jimin: You?

V: How. Am. I.

Jimin: Me?

V: How amย I.

Jimin: Cute.๐Ÿ’•

11. J-Hope seemingly complimented Suga by calling him cute…but then said he reminded him of a beluga whale! ๐Ÿคฃ

J-Hope: Suga hyung why are you so cute LOL

J-Hope: He looks like a beluga whale I saw before.

Jungkook: I think we look cute.

12. RM couldn’t handle how cute J-Hope was in his cool clothes.

RM: No, who is this? Hob-ah. Hob-ah.

J-Hope: Yeah?

Suga: You came in your casual clothes?

RM: When will we sing this song?

J-Hope: Ikr.

RM: You look so cute.

J-Hope: Is that right?

13. RM proves to be the biggest ARMY recalling how cute everyone looks in the group photo he keeps on his desk.

RM: That’s right. This is my favorite photo. I don’t know why I like it but it’s so cute. Aren’t we just so cute?

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