Here Are 20+ Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” Episode 3 That Everyone Should Get To See

#14 is equal parts funny and wholesome!

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Season 2 of the BTS version of In the SOOP has now aired its third episode. Despite being paid content, we have compiled some of the best moments from episode 3 so that no one is left out!

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So, here are 20+ of the best moments in no particular moment that we believe everyone needs to see…

1. Excited about food

2. A responsible father

3. The book club

4. Jin = a towel

5. Jimin saving J-Hope once again

6. We might be called ARMY, but we are certainly not the strongest soldiers

7. This episode’s human alarms

8. The best cheerleader

9. Our favorite cooking shows

10. And our favorite gamer

11. Jin’s updated morning routine

12. Like son, like father?

13. When J-Hope successfully made his water rocket fly

14. RM and Bam’s reaction to J-Hope’s rocket flying

15. CHAOTIC foot volleyball

16. RC cars VS the human RC

17. Low-key BTS In the SOOP is a cooking show

18. Jungkook feeding the baby bird

19. Literally crying over Jungkook serenading Bam

20. J-Hope being a good hyung taking care of V, who missed breakfast earlier

21. Bam might be Jungkook’s baby, but Jungkook is BTS’s baby

22. Jungkook is literally COOKY IRL

23. Sleepytime

Check out moments from the previous episode below:

Here Are 10+ Moments From “BTS In The SOOP 2” Episode 2 That Everyone Should Get To See

Source: Weverse