Here Are All The Awards BTS Gave J-Hope For 2021 FESTA

They had the best award titles for him.

In honor of their upcoming 8th anniversary since their debut, BTS is celebrating 2021 FESTA by giving each other creative awards. Check out the unique things they awarded to J-Hope below!

1. RM

RM gave J-Hope the “Morning Sunshine Award.” While the Korean drink of the same name comes down to a matter of personal taste…

… everyone can agree that J-Hope’s smile is as refreshing as the morning sun!

2. Jin

Jin used his hilarious nickname for J-Hope and presented him with the “Jjwa-Hope Award.” They often use this nickname when goofing around!

He also recalled how the two drank together twice recently. J-Hope’s alcohol tolerance may not be the best, but he’ll still make time to go out for a drink!

3. Suga

Suga gave J-Hope the aptly named “Smile Award.” The reason?

Even when he’s serious, he looks like he’s smiling.

— Suga

Even when talking about serious things, he’ll always have a hint of his precious smile showing.

However, Suga also claimed J-Hope can be the scariest member when he’s angry!


4. Jimin

Jimin gave him the “Please Answer Award,” revealing J-Hope often walks away from him after asking a question.

J-Hope is a busy man with places to be, Jimin!

5. V

V adorably gave him the “Why So Good Award,” and every ARMY knows exactly how he feels.

This human is too good…

— V

6. Jungkook

Jungkook made a pun and gave J-Hope the “Hang sang (award) named after J-Hope’s cool song from Hope World that boasts about BTS’s success, “Hangsang.” How clever!

Check out the awards the members gave to Jimin below.

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