8 Moments That Reveal BTS J-Hope’s True Personality

This is why he crouches during a group hug!

BTS‘s J-Hope is known as one of the kindest idols in the industry. From the way he loves his fans to the way he treats his fellow members, everything he does is full of sincerity and love. Even the smallest moments can give insight into his selfless and caring personality. Check out some of the moments below he proved who he really is with his split-second decisions and even some off-camera moments!

1. During a group hug, he instantly puts his head down.

You might be wondering why J-Hope would do this.

With his back to the fans, he bows his head so he doesn’t cover any of the members’ faces and that every ARMY can see their bias!

2. He checks on others when they’re not okay, even when he is not okay.

He noticed Jimin holding his neck and immediately asked if he was injured.

However, J-Hope already sustained his own injury that he quickly tried to shake off.

3. He comes in to help during any potentially dangerous situation.

J-Hope made sure to hold V up while on Jin’s back so he wouldn’t get injured and eventually put him on the ground.

During the limbo game, J-Hope shielded Jimin’s head from hitting Jungkook’s head.

Of course, he’s always there to catch you if you fall!

Lastly, if you fall, he’ll cradle you all the way to the ground.

4. He never stops looking out for others.

In this clip, he noticed an open hole on the ground and pushed RM out of the way before he could fall in.

He made sure to put on Jin’s birthday hat gently so it wouldn’t snap back and hurt him.

Even during this funny moment where Jimin’s meringue mix poured onto his own head, J-Hope made sure none of it poured onto his face or clothes.

5. He makes sure everyone gets a chance to speak.

You’ll always catch J-Hope passing the mic around during speeches.

He puts others before himself and urges everyone to take their turn.

6. He takes not even one second to sacrifice for his friends.

If you like J-Hope’s hat, he won’t hesitate to give it to you.

He doesn’t need to take a moment and think about keeping it for himself — He’s happy to give things to others.

Whether it’s a hat to shield you from the sun…

…or just by touching the medal on his chest!

7. He makes sure others are treated fairly.

He was too cool when he told the translator to translate what RM was saying instead of having him struggle on his own. He even took the microphone to make sure it would happen!

8. If you call him over to help, he gets there in the blink of an eye.

It’s no wonder BTS calls him their “pillar!”

Source: theqoo


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