10+ New HD Photos Of BTS’s Hyung Line Dressed Like The Hottest Office Workers

So handsome! 🔥

As part of their office concept, BTS dressed in suits and left every ARMY in shambles. Check out just how well the oldest members fit the concept below!

1. RM

If you need a project leader, RM is your guy!

Bonus: He looks great while shuffling his papers.

2. Jin

It’s impossible to not have a crush on him from across the office!

But can he can fix a copy machine with no problem?

3. Suga

Suga proves a suit is his best look yet.

Don’t you agree?

4. J-Hope

It might be hard to focus during your meeting with J-Hope.

Try not to fall in love at the office challenge: Failed!

Check out the maknae line’s photos below!

10+ New HD Photos Of BTS’s Maknae Line Radiating Sexy CEO Vibes In Suits

Source: Weverse