Here Are 12 Of BTS Jimin’s Hottest Moments That Live In Our Minds Rent-Free

#4 will leave you like 😳!

From his flirtatious expressions to his cool dance moves, BTS‘s Jimin always has the hottest charisma! Check out 12 of his sexiest moments below where he made everyone fall even more in love with him.

1. Jimin’s freestyle to “Fire” right in front of this lucky ARMY

Front row fans are blessed!

2. Everything about his “Run BTS” dance practice

The cropped sweater, the fluffy hair — It’s all so iconic!

3. Every time he flips his hair

He did it so much that the members teased him for it, but ARMY love it!

4. King of body rolls

You can’t watch this just once.

5. The legendary 2014 MAMA performance where he ripped his shirt off

This was a cultural reset.

6. His heavy breathing at the end of “Black Swan”

He’s a work of art.

7. His solo dance during “BTS Begins”

Some newer ARMY might never have seen this before.

8. Not a day goes by that ARMY don’t think about “Filter”

Everything about this song is so Jimin.

9. When he went insanely viral for being handsome

It’s all in a day’s work for Jimin!

10. This heart-pounding eye contact moment

Does this video make you shy or are you normal?

11. This boyfriend material hotel vlog

This one will go down in history!

12. Sweaty Jimin during BTS’s “Yet to Come” concert in Busan

He’s glistening!

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