4 Times BTS Members Wouldn’t Let Jimin Live And Brought Up Embarrassing Moments From The Past

Jimin was ready to “throw hands” with Jin in #1!

The BTS members have had many embarrassing moments, and they aren’t afraid to bring them up. One member who has dealt with this a lot is Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin

Here are 4 times the BTS members brought up embarrassing moments from Jimin’s past.

1. Jin imitating Jimin when he was “energetic”

BTS once played a game where they had to try to do the same pose when given a keyword. One keyword they got was “Jimin.”

The members did various humorous poses, but Jin did one that caught Jimin’s attention!

In 2014 at a concert, Jimin screamed to the audience, “Ayo. Everyone, who am I!” Whenever this moment is shown or brought up, it causes laughter for the other members and embarrassment for Jimin!

When Jimin saw Jin imitating this moment, he immediately ran towards him and jokingly “pushed” him.

2. RM and Jungkook bringing up the “small, shining pepper”

During a broadcast, Jimin was talking about their song “Boy With Luv,” and it was mentioned that ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) nicknamed the song “a poem for Jimin” because it’s a “poem for small things.”

Jungkook then brought up Jimin’s mother’s conception dream of a “small, shining pepper.” In Korea, “pepper” (KR: gochu) is sometimes used as a euphemism for male genitalia.

Back in 2016, on the Cultwo Show, Jimin talked about this conception dream, and he got teased by the hosts for leaving out the “small” part, which caused the members to burst with laughter.

When Jungkook brought up this moment, Jimin got embarrassed. RM joined in on the teasing and said that Jimin’s hair was the same color as a pepper.

Jimin soon hilariously asked everyone to stop!

3. Members bringing up when Jimin bought them cucumber-flavored drinks

In an interview, the members spoke about when Jimin bought some unique flavored drinks for them. In 2014, Jimin bought the members drinks, but they saw that the drinks were cucumber-flavored, and they were a little confused on why Jimin bought such a strange flavor.

Jimin then shared that he still hasn’t gotten over this incident despite the years that have passed! Jimin didn’t plan on buying cucumber-flavored drinks, but he bought them by accident. Even Jimin thought the drink was disgusting!

While most of the members didn’t like the cucumber-flavored drink, Jungkook enjoyed it.

4. Bringing up the “Am I…charming?” photo

In 2013, Jimin posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, “Am I…charming.

Over the years, Jimin has gotten teased for this picture. J-Hope once brought it up at a fan meeting, and Jimin “wasn’t having it!”

J-Hope: Is Park Jimin…charming?
Jimin: I don’t know why I did that.
Suga: In life, things like this can happen.
Jimin: These people tease me all the time! I’m sorry…I won’t do things like this anymore.


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