11 Iconic ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s Software Version Of “FACE” Concept Photos

Did you notice #4?

BTS‘s Jimin just treated ARMY to his brand new concept photos for his upcoming solo album, FACE. The “Software” version shocked fans with his duality as he showcases an innocent and gentle side of himself. Check out what everyone is saying about the photos below!

1. Ten years later, Jimin looks as gorgeous as ever.

Is he even again?!

2. The difference between the “Hardware” and “Software” concepts is in the small details.

Did you catch this?

3. He’s a true professional at showcasing his ethereal and angelic aura.

Jimin suits this concept perfectly.

4. His tattoos are on full display.

“Youth” is written under his ear, while “Young” is found above his left elbow. Hidden from view, he has “Forever” tattooed above his right elbow.

5. Jimin’s concept photos are a mirror image of each other.

One shows his strengths, the other shows his weaknesses.

6. Jimin is the king of this pose.

It gives him a badass vibe!

7. Trying to come up with theories, but he’s too gorgeous to focus.

ARMYs, raise your hand if this is you! ✋

8. The category is body for Jimin!

He looks good and he knows it.

9. Are those tears?

He might be revealing his inner emotions in the “Software” photos.

10. Take your pick!

ARMYs like a bit of both.

11. Even Weverse is sold on the gorgeous pictures.

Our calico cat has officially become a pure white cat.

Check out the all of the photos and their full versions below.

BTS’s Jimin Shows Off Insane Duality In New Software Version Of “FACE” Concept Photos


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