BTS’s Jimin Shows Off Insane Duality In New Software Version Of “FACE” Concept Photos

He completely switched things up!

BTS‘s Jimin is slowly unveiling pieces of his debut solo album, FACE. The full promotion schedule contains music videos, teasers, and more. However, it’s the stunning concept photos that are catching ARMY’s eyes!

In the recent Hardware concept photos shown below, Jimin shows off his edgier side with facial piercings, a leather jacket, and a wet hair look.

Now, in his just-released Software concept photos, Jimin is showing off his duality by completely switching up his vibe. Against a white sheet, Jimin is wearing a white knit tank top and khaki pants, emphasizing his pure and innocent aura.

A close-up photo showcases Jimin with a few scars on the right side of his face, possibly indicating a deeper and more emotional side of himself, as well as his inner “FACE.”

The four-cut photo shows off his innocent charm as he wows fans with his flawless skin, silky hair, and delicate visuals.

Additionally, full length versions of the photos can be found below.

The two concepts match up side by side and have the same format, yet show off different charms of Jimin.

We can’t wait to see what else Jimin has in store during his promotions for FACE!


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