4 Stories From BTS Jimin’s Trainee Days That All ARMYs Need To Hear

Jimin thought J-Hope was a staff member when they first met!

Over the years, many stories have been shared about BTS‘s Jimin from his trainee days, and a lot of them are quite interesting.

BTS’s Jimin as a trainee | Bangtan Subs/Youtube

Here are 4 stories from Jimin’s trainee days that all ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) need to hear.

1. Jimin slept around 2 hours a day when he was a trainee

Jimin is known for his work ethic, and in an episode of tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, Jimin spoke briefly about his trainee days.

Not knowing what I should do was the hardest thing for me. Whenever V or Jungkook had vocal lessons, I asked if I could watch. I would tune in to the lesson and later practice what I learned late at night.

— Jimin

Jungkook said, “According to my standards, Jimin hyung is the most strict and hard-working on himself.”  Jimin then shared that when he was a trainee, he slept around 2 hours a day!

I would practice until about 4 AM and wake up around 6:30 to go to school. It wasn’t hard for me back then.

— Jimin

Jimin wanted to succeed no matter what, and his hard work ended up paying off!

I endured all these hardships and continued to practice hard in order to be a part of the team, all because of the members. We are all equally lacking, and we are all the same people, but we can do it if we are together.

— Jimin

2. Jimin was popular in high school

Kim Dae Hoon, a friend of Jimin and a dance instructor, once spoke about his friendship with Jimin. He shared that he moved from Busan to Seoul when he was a teenager and attended an arts high school. One day, he sat next to someone who also was from Busan, and this person was none other than Jimin!

Kim Dae Hoon got along with Jimin immediately! Kim Dae Hoon shared that Jimin had a great social life and got along with many other students!

Jimin thought he was a quiet person, but he turned out to be an active friend. Jimin had a nice personality, so he quickly adjusted to school. My friends at school liked Jimin too.

— Kim Dae Hoon

Kim Dae Hoon and Jimin are still friends to this day, and Jimin showed support for Kim Dae Hoon when he appeared on I Can Hear Your Voice.

I realized that not everyone would change after they become successful. People who are kind-hearted will still be very kind.

— Kim Dae Hoon

Kim Dae Hoon (Left) & BTS’s Jimin (Right)

3. Jimin almost didn’t debut in BTS

In an episode of JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin revealed that he almost didn’t debut because of his dancing skills. The cast members were surprised when Jimin said this since Jimin was known for his dancing skills even before debuting. Jimin shared that the dancing he majored in was a lot different from the dancing idol groups do.

I majored in contemporary dance. Since the style of dancing was totally different than the choreography of an idol group, it became a difficult challenge for me.

— Jimin

None of this stopped Jimin, as he continued to work hard and eventually debuted in BTS!

4. Jimin thought J-Hope was a Big Hit Music staff member

J-Hope was the first member Jimin met, and they had an interesting first meeting. In an episode of tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, J-Hope shared that the rookie development department’s team leader at Big Hit Music one day told him to meet a new trainee at the bus station. This new trainee was none other than Jimin! When J-Hope met Jimin, he asked him, “Are you… Jimin-ssi (Mr. Jimin)?” Jimin thought J-Hope was a company staff member since he was so polite!

J-Hope soon told Jimin, “You seem to like dance, and I like to dance too, so I hope we could often communicate with each other.” This touched Jimin since he was a new trainee and didn’t know anybody yet.

Jimin, however, was in for a surprise as he and J-Hope didn’t communicate for the next 6 months, most likely due to them being busy with their trainee lives. Despite this, the two eventually started talking to each other and are now close like family!