14 Moments Where BTS’s Jin Was Unintentionally The Funniest Person Alive

#3 is a classic moment!

BTS‘s Jin doesn’t have to do much to make everyone around him burst out in laughter! Check out a few of the hilarious moments below where he was accidentally a true comedian in ARMY’s eyes.

1. When he repeated the same sequence every day during In The Soop

2. When he was the first person to greet Suga for his birthday…months in advance

3. When he “stole” from ARMYs and gave no credit

4. When he didn’t realize how cute he was while wearing a beanie

5. When he helped ARMYs discover the 4D experience

6. When he provided a great answer for his unchanging visuals

7. When he actually succeeded at fishing…with an ARMY bomb

8. When things weren’t going his way and this was his reaction

9. When he actually used a pink flip phone

10. When this whole event with Ashton Kutcher happened

11. When he took a flawless selfie in one try

12. When he was a mood for all single people

13. When he took this message literally

14. When he laughed so hard at V’s painting