4 Times BTS’s Jin And Ji Suk Jin Showed Off Their Beautiful Friendship

Ji Suk Jin once randomly called Jin, and Jin didn’t know he was on TV!

BTS‘s Jin and TV personality Ji Suk Jin have the same first name, as Jin’s real name is Kim Seok Jin, and they are great friends.

Ji Suk Jin (Left) & BTS’s Jin (Right) | SBS

There have been many moments where Jin and Ji Suk Jin showed off their beautiful friendship. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. Jin’s heartwarming message to Ji Suk Jin

In an episode of Happy Together, it was brought up how close Ji Suk Jin and Jin are. Ji Suk Jin then shared that Jin even once invited him to a BTS concert!

Yoo Jae Suk got a little playful and jokingly “questioned” if Ji Suk Jin was really close to Jin.

Ji Suk Jin quickly got out his phone and showed some text messages between him and Jin!

Everyone was a little surprised by their friendship and asked Ji Suk Jin if he could call Jin. While Ji Suk Jin was a little reluctant at first, he soon called Jin. Jin picked up, but everyone could tell by his voice that he was asleep and was woken up by the call.

Ji Suk Jin apologized to Jin for waking him up, and while Jin didn’t know that he was on broadcast, he told Ji Suk Jin, “I don’t know what this is about, but I love you.”

2. Jin’s reaction to Ji Suk Jin’s cover of “Dynamite”

Ji Suk Jin once covered BTS’s “Dynamite,” and he revealed that he texted Jin an apology for the cover.

Jin replied by telling Ji Suk Jin that he wasn’t bothered by the cover and was rather touched! Ji Suk Jin then praised Jin’s personality and said, “His personality is the best.

He (Jin) said, ‘If that helps the song even a bit, I’m rather thankful for that.’ So I was touched once again.

— Ji Suk Jin

3. Jin and Ji Suk Jin’s texts

In an episode of Radio Star, Ji Suk Jin shared that he’s close to Jin, but the other cast members hilariously didn’t believe him. Ji Suk Jin then showed some text messages between him and Jin, such as Jin sending him selfies and asking if he’s handsome!


The cast then found a text message of Ji Suk Jin asking for a favor from Jin, but Jin’s agency having to turn it down!


After getting teased, Ji Suk Jin explained that he once asked Jin if he could briefly come on Running Man for a segment, but Jin was too busy at that time. Jin felt bad about this and told Ji Suk Jin that he would make it up to him in the future!

4. Jin and Ji Suk Jin’s call

In an episode of Running Man, Ji Suk Jin called Jin, and Jin excitedly picked up! Jin humbly said that it was an honor for his voice to be on the show and introduced himself.

Hello, viewers of Running Man. I am Jin from BTS. My name is Kim Seok Jin, and I’ve been keeping a close friendship with Ji Suk Jin due to our same name.

ㅡ Jin

Jin also told Ji Suk Jin that he could call him anytime, and Ji Suk Jin asked Jin if he could come on the show. Jin, however, couldn’t go on because he was too far away from the shooting location!

I’m in Korea. If you miss me, please contact me at any time hyung.

ㅡ Jin