8 Times BTS’s Jin Was Even More Competitive Than Jungkook

Team Kim Seokjin really hates to lose, and these moments prove it.

BTS‘s athletic Golden Maknae really hates to lose, but sometimes Jin can be just as competitive as Jungkook, if not more. Here are 8 times Jin was in it to win!

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1. When he drove Jimin bananas

Jimin was out for blood after Jin mercilessly teased him on Run BTS. During a sticker hunting game, Jin (who was determined to win it) decided to pick on Jimin.

He sabotaged Jimin in any way he could, so by the end of it, Jimin was practically breathing fire. When Jimin saw a chance to take revenge, he seized it!

2. When he annihilated Suga

This slippery obstacle course brought out everyone’s competitive side, but Jin’s attack on Suga was next-level. To keep Suga from taking the ball, Jin shoved him down…

…and crushed him!

3. That time RM got on his last nerve

Jin wasn’t about to let his teammate, RM, drag him down. When RM failed to recite BTS’s own lyrics, Jin gave him a frustrated smack.

Later on, he accused RM of helping the other team. Team Kim Seokjin refuses to lose!

4. That time he dissed a random gamer

Jin is at his most competitive when video games are involved. He once dissed another player’s skills, claiming that he could do a better job with his toes!

5. When even a slap to the face couldn’t stop him from winning

Jin beat J-Hope in the “Subway Olympics” by holding onto his duck even after J-Hope accidentally whacked him. That’s what you call commitment!

6. When he risked a broken tooth for a high score

When BTS played the “Zoom Olympics”, Jin went so hard that his in-ear popped out and hit his tooth. Ouch!

7. The King of Dad Jokes

Jin wasn’t about to let the chefs on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator take his crown in this wordplay competition.

8. That time he took a knee to the back for Twister

Twister isn’t supposed to be violent, but rules mean nothing when it’s Jin vs Jungkook. Jungkook accidentally kicked Jin, but Jin refused to tap out.

Jungkook ended up winning the match with a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but if they’d had it their way, both opponents might have kept playing Twister until the end of time!


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