Here Are 15 Of BTS Jungkook’s Most “Boyfriend Material” Looks

#8 shows his true aura IRL. 😍

The only thing ARMYs love as much as seeing BTS‘s Jungkook on stage is seeing him off stage! In his every day life, he gives of the most “boyfriend material” vibe. Check out 15 times he made it so easy to imagine him as the perfect boyfriend!

1. Baggy T-Shirt

Tattoos on full display!

2. Hoodie

He’s so cozy!

3. Barefaced

He has natural beauty.

4. Teddy Bear Jacket

ARMYs swoon for this look.

5. Ponytail

His style is so cool.

6. Denim Jacket

He’s too cute eating Chipotle for the first time!

7. Sleepy Jungkook

This is the definition of cuddly.

8. All-black

He’s so tall IRL.

9. Windswept Hair

How to survive the pink hoodie and natural makeup?!

10. Flannel CherryKook

We need him to bring back this hair color ASAP.

11. On his phone

He’s beyond boyfriend material.

12. Modern Hanbok

It’s no wonder he made it sell out — He looks too good!

13. Focused Jungkook

He worked hard on all of his designs for merch ideas.

14. Sporty Jungkook

His streetstyle clothes are the best!

15. Teletubby

This bright baby blue sweatsuit is too cute from head to toe.