Not A Baby: 5+ Times BTS’s Jungkook Called Out Overstepping Fans

As he should!

BTS‘s Jungkook is proving he’s “not a baby!”

BTS’s Jungkook

When BTS first debuted, maknae Jungkook was only 15 years old (internationally), so he was seen as everyone’s “baby.”

Now, Jungkook is a grown adult man in his mid-20s.

Yet, some fans still try to “baby” him, and he’s over it. So, here are 5+ times Jungkook called out those who overstepped (as he should)…

1. When he corrected ARMYs, saying, “I’m not your oppa!”

When Jungkook was younger, he used to correct older ARMYs who referred to him as oppa, considering it’s a term used affectionately toward older males. He even joked that he would check IDs to confirm.

2. When he blocked calls from sasaengs 

On June 17, 2019, Jungkook held live broadcast “Relaxing Drink After Happy Times.” During it, he got a call, looked at the number, then explained the situation.

This is a call from a fan. It’s saying ‘You’re doing a VLIVE and I just called to check’. What I do is, I immediately blocked the call. I actually get a lot of calls from saesang fans.

— Jungkook

3. When he “scolded” fans for selling out his favorite drink

According to tea company TEAZEN, the sales of their kombucha rose to 1800% after Jungkook mentioned it in his live broadcast. He teasingly expressed his frustration for being unable to find his favorite lemon flavor during the next live broadcast.

4. When he told a sasaeng to stop calling him

Ahead of The 2022 GRAMMYs, Jungkook held a live broadcast but was continually interrupted by phone calls in his hotel room. Whenever he answered, no one was there. Finally, he directly called them out, expressing his worries.

You’re watching the VLIVE, right? Who are you? Don’t do it. I don’t like the phone call ringing sound. I’m annoyed and it’s scary. I’m getting goosebumps.

— Jungkook

5. When he told an ARMY that he’s “not a baby”

After his birthday live broadcast in 2022, Jungkook realized he had gotten tanned and called out ARMYs for not telling him about it.

| Weverse

I tanned a lot, huh? .. ㅜ
You should have told me!!!!!! ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

— Jungkook

So, he took to Weverse to ask for sunscreen recommendations.


Anyone wants to recommend a sunscreen for someone with sensitive skin like me… ㅎㅎ.

— Jungkook

An ARMY then teasingly suggested to the maknae that he should use sunscreen for babies. So, he replied, “Ahem, I’m not a baby !!!”


ARMY: Since you’re a baby, how about using baby sunscreen???!

Jungkook: Ahem, I’m not a baby !!!

6. When he asked people not to follow him during private schedules 

Jungkook was on his way home when he realized someone was following him. During a recent Weverse Live, he thanked fans for their attention but asked them to respect his private time.

7. When he clapped back when netizens told him not to drink

Recently, Jungkook has been enjoying his free time, and he often drinks during his live broadcasts. When fans expressed concern for his drinking habits, he clapped back, explaining that he’s an adult who makes his own decisions.

Ah, why are you guys telling me to stop drinking? I’m a grown adult, and I’m 27. I’m enjoying it while I’m still young. You only live once. If I am born again as… If I’m guaranteed a second life, I wouldn’t do this.

— Jungkook


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