12 Things You Never Noticed About BTS Jungkook’s Dancing That Will Show You Why He’s A Pro

#4 puts him on another level!

As part of BTS‘s dance line, Jungkook is a true professional when it comes to the stage! Check out some of the most impressive aspects of his dancing below.

1. He emphasizes every move.

Even the smallest movements get special attention from him.

2. He dances with his hair.

He’s literally putting his all into the choreography!

3. He’s always full of power.

You can always count on Jungkook for a passionate and strong performance.

4. He uses his expressions to mimic the dance moves.

He likes to emphasize certain moves through his expression.

5. He uses eye contact to his advantage.

Whether he’s staring intently or shyly looking away, it’s all part of the performance.

6. He can dance softly when he needs to.

He can do more than just powerful dancing — He becomes graceful and soft during songs like “Black Swan.”

7. He continues to dance with power without his voice wavering.

It takes a special type of stamina and lung training to accomplish this!

8. He’s always consistent.

Compare his performances — His moves are always the same!

9. He makes sure every move is clean and sharp.

This is why he’s part of the dance line!

10. His lines are always straight.

It makes for a performance that’s pleasing on the eyes.

11. He overflows with confidence.

This is step one when it comes to getting on stage!

12. He has so much fun!

You just want to smile along with him.

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