4 Times BTS Hyungs Spilled The Tea On Jungkook

Suga once “exposed” Jungkook for being cheap! 🤣

While the BTS hyungs adore Jungkook dearly, they also love teasing him!

BTS’s Jungkook

Here are 4 moments when the BTS hyungs spilled the tea on Jungkook.

1. Jimin sharing Jungkook’s sexy shirt habit

On the KBS special talk show Let’s BTS, Jimin shared a “secret” about Jungkook.

BTS’s Jimin

At BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: ONE concert, Jungkook wore an open shirt for his solo song, “My Time.”

Jimin revealed that Jungkook unbuttoned his shirt more for the concert than during rehearsals!

Jungkook then “fired back” and said that he learned this from Jimin!

2. Suga on Jungkook being “cheap”

When BTS was asked who spends the most among them, Suga decided to tease Jungkook a bit.

BTS’s Suga

Suga shared that he didn’t know who spends the most, but he did know that Jungkook spends the least!

Jungkook heavily disagreed with Suga.

Jungkook “defended” himself and said that when he graduated, he bought the members a meal. This meal ended up costing ₩910,000 KRW (about $804 USD)!

Despite Jungkook saying this, Suga didn’t take back his statement. Suga shared that he pays since he’s older whenever he goes out to eat with Jungkook. Suga, however, sometimes expects Jungkook to offer to pay, but Jungkook never does and assumes that Suga will pay! After Suga shared this, everyone burst into laughter.

3. How Jungkook has changed

When BTS guested on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, V spoke about why Jungkook left a big first impression on him, which led to some teasing!


V shared that Jungkook used to be extremely shy and would rarely talk to anyone. Jungkook was so shy that he would only take showers if everyone else in the dorm were sleeping.

With time, Jungkook started opening up and is now the playful maknae of the group! Jimin, however, teased Jungkook a bit and jokingly said that he now “smiles while cursing.”

4. Speaking on Jungkook’s love of cosmetics

During 2015 FESTA, the hyungs teased Jungkook for his love of cosmetics.


J-Hope left a note that said Jungkook was “a thief.”

J-Hope explained that they often receive cosmetic products from their “makeup salon’s director.” Jungkook, however, always takes these products! Jungkook then “defended” himself and told J-Hope that he could use the products too.


The members then began talking about Jungkook’s love of cosmetics, and Suga shared that Jungkook has so many that he wonders if he uses them all. Jungkook assured Suga that he uses all his cosmetic products!