30+ Brand New Behind-The-Scenes Moments Of BTS’s Jungkook In Qatar

From the hotel pool to the practice room!

BTS‘s Jungkook just dropped some exclusive photos from his trip to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. With an article title inspired by Jimin, you know it’s going to be good! Check out the full list of photos from Naver below.

1. At the airport

He’s sleepy, but adorable — and ready to begin his epic journey!

2. Music video shooting

Nobody looks cooler than Jungkook monitoring behind the scenes!

3. On set

It’s no wonder his stunning visuals went viral.

4. Gorgeous still cuts

These photos captured some of the most beautiful moments.

5. Visual king

His face is a work of art!

6. New location

He dances with the skyline behind him.

7. Opening ceremony begin

The time to practice for the legendary day has begun!

8. Visiting the stadium

He’s ready for his dry rehearsal.

9. All dressed up

It’s go time for rehearsal!

10. Practicing until the main event

He rehearses, goes over the choreography, and double checks everything.

11. Time to rip the stage!

We’re so proud of him!

12. At the hotel

Afterwards, Jungkook enjoyed his time in Qatar.

13. Pool time

He totally had to go for a swim in the gorgeous hotel pool.

14. Bowling

There’s always time to have fun!

15. He’s off!

This unforgettable experience will live on forever.

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Source: Naver