“What About ARMY’s Sanity?” — BTS Jungkook’s Top 24 Sexiest Photos Of All Time

#5 is CRAZY. 🔥

It’s no wonder BTS‘s Jungkook has been named one of the sexiest men alive! Check out some of our favorite photos of him below where he was undeniably hot.

1. Calvin Klein

Jungkook’s Calvin Klein photoshoots lives in everyone’s heads rent-free, especially the photos showing his abs!

| Calvin Klein

2. “Seven” concept photos

Nobody was ready for this practically shirtless photo.

| BIGHIT Music

3. “Focus on” his abs!

During “Permission to Dance On Stage” in Las Vegas, Jungkook’s iconic six-pack flash instantly went viral.

| I Dare U

4. “Me, Myself, and Jungkook”

Sexy vampire Jungkook was not on our bingo cards the year this came out, but we’re sure glad it happened.

| BIGHIT Music

5. Lotte Duty Free Concert a.k.a. 190811 Jungkook

There were many legendary shots from this day, but this sweaty photo earns an honorable mention.

| @bts_dumpling/Twitter

6. MAMA 2017

Everyone remembers where they were when this iconic “Mic Drop” performance happened.


7. Thirst trap car selfie

He knows what he’s doing.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

8. Hotel bathrobe selfie

The internet was not the same after he posted this photo.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

9. More “Seven” photos

The blazer photos hit different.

| BIGHIT Music

10. Weverse Magazine

This is officially every ARMY’s new lockscreen.

| Weverse

11. Star 1 Magazine

After all these years, we can’t forget this iconic photoshoot.

| Star 1

12. 2018 Billboard Music Awards

This exact moment changed the course of history.

| Headliner

13. GQ Magazine

The black turtleneck and eyebrow piercing combo is dangerous.

| GQ

14. “Euphoria”

Jungkook looks amazing on tour!

| Made In 1997

15. “My Time”

And just like that, he grew up before our eyes!

| BIGHIT Music

16. Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Concert

What a time to be alive!

| Unfair Play 

17. Any photo from “Run” era

So much leather pants.

| Made In 1997
| Rabbit Boy

18. Sweaty Jungkook

All he needs is a simple white t-shirt to look stunning.

| @bangtan.official/Facebook

19. Satin shirt

This is his color!

20. 2021 Muster Sowoozoo

Dreaming about him 24/7.

| BIGHIT Music

21. Casual photos

He’s the coolest without even trying.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter
| BIGHIT Music

22. “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”

There were definitely a lot of tears.

| hi, spring

23. 2022 American Music Awards

His face card never declines — especially on the red carpet!

| @Jungkook.Intl/Twitter

24. “Rainism”

This was the stage of a lifetime!

| hi, spring


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