5 Times BTS Appeared As “Props” In K-Dramas You May Not Have Noticed

Number 3 will put a smile on your face!

BTS is already taking over the world, but they seem to be taking over the world of K-Dramas as well! Here are 5 times BTS appeared as “props” in K-Dramas you may not have noticed.

1. Jin & V “appearing” in Penthouse 2 

BTS’s Jin (Left) & V (Right)

In Penthouse 2, there was a scene where a luxury branded shopping bag was in the background that had the words “JIN & V” on it, referencing BTS’s Jin and V!


This isn’t the only time BTS was referenced in the show, as in season 1, BTS’s 2 COOL 4 SKOOL was in the background of a scene.


2. BTS fanchant in Melting Me Softly 


In Melting Me Softly, the character Go Mi Ran spoke about how she wanted to get BTS on a program.

She even said their names in the way they’re said in fanchants!

Here’s the full video below!

3. Secretary dance in Goblin


In Goblin, the CEO was presented with a list of things that young women like. Some of the things on the list were BTS and EXO, and the secretary decided to show off some of his dance skills!

Here’s the full video below!

4. An ARMY appearing in Hotel del Luna


In Hotel del Luna, a ghost ARMY decided to tell BTS how much they mean to her!

This ghost’s call was soon cut off, and she kissed the phone right after!

She then left while singing and dancing to BTS’s “Fake Love.”

5. An ARMY who biases Jungkook appearing in Crash Landing on You 

BTS’s Jungkook

In Crash Landing on You, one ARMY was being “taken,” but she quickly got “excited” when BTS got mentioned!

This ARMY later revealed that her bias is Jungkook!

Here’s the full video below!


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