5 Times The BTS Members Made Surprising Confessions

Some of the members almost didn’t debut in the group.

K-Pop idols are always making shocking confessions, and the BTS members are no exceptions. Throughout the years, there have been many moments where the BTS members made surprising confessions. Here are 5 of them.

1. Jimin revealing that he almost didn’t debut

During an episode of Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Jimin revealed that he almost didn’t debut in BTS due to his dancing skills. He shared that the dancing style idol groups go for was a lot different from the dancing he had learned.

I almost failed to join the team (BTS) because I wasn’t a good dancer. I majored in contemporary dance. Since the style of dancing was totally different than the choreography of an idol group, it became a difficult challenge for me.

— Jimin

However, Jimin was eventually able to overcome this difficult challenge and debuted in BTS.

2. The members sharing that they weren’t supposed to debut with “No More Dream”

While it would be hard to imagine BTS with a different debut track, the members recently revealed that they originally weren’t supposed to debut with “No More Dream”. V revealed that they originally were supposed to debut with a song called “End of the World”.

However, Bang Si Hyuk (the head of BTS’s agency) thought that BTS should debut with a song that talked about issues that young kids experience.

At that time, PD Bang (Bang Si Hyuk) told us that because we were young kids that it would be nice to talk about issues that young kids experience. And be a representative of the youth, and that’s how this track (“No More Dream”) was created.

— Jimin


3. Jin revealing that they almost disbanded in 2018

While BTS accomplished a lot in 2018, the members also dealt with a lot of stress. During the 2018 MAMA, Jin revealed that they almost disbanded due to all this stress.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

Thankfully, the members were able to stay together and continue as a group.

I’m thankful towards my members who decided to continue… I want to thank my members who always love me and to say thank you to ARMY for always loving us. Thank you.

— Jin

4. V revealing that he is afflicted with cholinergic urticaria

On Weverse, V revealed that he’s afflicted with cholinergic urticaria.

No, I have a cholinergic allergy. I’m itchy, itchy.

— V

| Weverse

Cholinergic urticaria is an itchy skin rash that is triggered by rises in body temperature. A person with this condition usually breaks out in hives when they get too warm.

5. J-Hope revealing that he wasn’t supposed to debut in the group

In an episode of Burn The Stage, J-Hope revealed that he left Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency) when he was a trainee. When J-Hope made this decision, Jungkook cried.

RM then revealed that he spoke with the people at Big Hit Entertainment about how they needed J-Hope in the group.

I told them we needed Jung Hoseok (J-Hope’s real name). We need Jung Hoseok, we can’t make it without him. I worked really hard to convince them.

— RM

J-Hope soon changed his mind and came back to Big Hit Entertainment since he trusted the members.

Ah really, back then… I came back because I trusted you guys. We worked together for a long time… it’s because the members were there.”

— J-Hope