4 Times BTS Members Didn’t Confess Their “Crimes” To Each Other Until Later

J-Hope once was too scared to admit something to Jimin.

Sometimes when the BTS members “wrong” each other, they won’t confess to their “crimes” until later! Here are 4 of these moments.

1. J-Hope revealing he was the one who got gum on Jimin’s phone case

At the 2018 BTS FESTA, J-Hope “gathered courage” and confessed something to Jimin.

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope asked Jimin if he remembered when he got gum on his phone case.

Jimin, do you remember that time we were eating in the dorms? You put your phone down on the table, and you got gum stuck to your phone case.

— J-Hope

Jimin most definitely remembered and shared that the gum was still on his phone case! J-Hope then began talking about how angry Jimin was when he saw the gum stuck on his phone case.

You were really mad then because you really loved that case. You got mad saying that who would lack common sense and leave gum on the table.

— J-Hope

J-Hope then confessed that he was the one who left the gum on the table and that he was too scared to admit it at the time.

Well…I confess to you now… in that moment, I couldn’t tell you that it was me because you were swearing so much about how mad you were.

— J-Hope

J-Hope felt sorry about what happened, and he then gave a gift to Jimin, and it was a brand new phone case!

2. Jungkook revealing that he lost RM’s earplug

While RM often loses his possessions, there was one time when Jungkook lost RM’s possession.

BTS’s Jungkook

During the 2017 BTS FESTA, Jungkook spoke about an incident when they were in Hawaii. When the members were in Hawaii, RM lost one of his earplugs and went around asking the members if they had seen it. When the members told him that they hadn’t seen it, RM got quite angry.

Jungkook then confessed that he was the one that lost RM’s earplug! While he did his best to try to find it, he was unsuccessful. When Jungkook realized that he lost RM’s earplug, he decided not to tell him!

3. Jin waiting a few days before giving back Suga’s card

Jin once accidentally stole Suga’s card, and he decided not to tell him for a few days!

BTS’s Jin

In behind-the-scenes footage from episode 8 of In the SOOP, Suga shared that Jin once wore his parka that had his wallet inside.

While Jin returned Suga’s jacket and wallet, it didn’t happen until 3 days after he borrowed them! When Jin had Suga’s card, Suga was about to lock his card until their manager told him that Jin had it.

4. Jimin telling J-Hope that he was the one who used his moisturizer

Jimin once confessed something to J-Hope, and J-Hope had quite a playful reaction.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin said that his moisturizer runs out quickly. After Jimin said this, J-Hope spoke about a big scoop missing from his moisturizer. J-Hope then asked Jimin if he was the one behind this.

| BangtanBang/YouTube

Jimin laughed and said that J-Hope’s moisturizer is nice.

| BangtanBang/YouTube

While J-Hope jokingly told Jimin to “go away,” he quickly forgave him!

| BangtanBang/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!