4 Times BTS Members Revealed Something About Themselves That Showed How Playful Their Personalities Are

V is extremely playful when the members are dieting!

The BTS members are beloved for their playful personalities, and they often reveal some funny things about themselves. Here are 4 times the BTS members revealed something about themselves that showed how playful their personalities are.

1. J-Hope’s drunk selfie

BTS’s J-Hope

In an episode of Run BTS!, the members were looking at some selfies they posted on Weverse, and there was a photo of J-Hope pouting his lips. J-Hope was a little surprised when it was revealed that he was the one in the photo.

After thinking for a bit, J-Hope remembered taking the photo, and he shared that he took the photo after having a few drinks!

I remember that. That was on the Japan tour when I had a couple of drinks. I think I captioned it, ‘ARMY, mwah!’

— J-Hope

The members jokingly teased J-Hope for taking this picture and spoke about their rule of staying off social media after drinking.

J-Hope originally posted this photo back in September of 2019.

Good night💜

— J-Hope’s caption


| Weverse

2. V teasing the members when they’re dieting


Jin, Jimin, and RM recently held a live broadcast where they made and ate salads. In the live broadcast, Jin mentioned that V didn’t gain weight in the past no matter how much food he ate.

Jimin then brought up a moment when V was extremely playful. In the past, Jimin and a few other members were dieting, and V was behind them. V suddenly said that he wanted some chocolate bread, so he ran to get some and ate it in front of the dieting members! After Jimin shared this story, the members couldn’t help but laugh.

There was also a time when V teased Jungkook at a meat restaurant. Jungkook was dieting, and V playfully asked him to feed him a piece of meat!

3. The members’ reactions to Jimin’s old haircut

BTS’s Jimin

During Jimin’s trainee days, he had an asymmetrical haircut, and the members had quite the reactions when they saw it.

BTS’s Jimin during his trainee day | Bangtan Subs/YouTube

In an episode of Run BTS!, Jimin shared that the older members laughed at him when he got this asymmetrical haircut.

Suga even avoided eye contact with Jimin after he saw Jimin’s hair.

When J-Hope saw Jimin’s hair, he “fainted” from shock!

4. Jimin sharing where he would like to perform next

BTS’s Jimin

BTS has performed all over the world, but the next place they want to perform at is truly out of this world. In an interview, the members were asked where they would like to perform if “the world was going to open up tomorrow.” Jimin shared that he would like to perform on the moon, and the members said that this was a good answer since everyone would see it!


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