10+ BTS Memes And Edits That Became Real In 2021

Fans predicted the future.

Minstradamus isn’t the only one who can see the future! Like Suga, ARMYs have a knack for predicting BTS‘s reality. Here are 15 memes and edits that came true in 2021!

1. Cowboy RM

In 2019, BTS cowboy edits took over the internet after Lil Nas X and RM dropped “Seoul Town Road”, a remix of  Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”.

Suga, Jimin, and RM | HYBE Labels/Youtube

This meme is now reality, thanks to BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video.

2. Blonde Jungkook

In the past, Jungkook fluctuated between black hair and various shades of brown, occasionally surprising fans with red too. After years of making Blonde Jungkook edits, fans’ wishes finally came true in 2021.


Jungkook kicked off the new year with golden hair to match his Golden Maknae nickname!

3. Rockstar Suga

When it comes to mullets, everybody has an opinion, but there’s no doubt that they’re making a comeback in 2021.

Suga | Weverse

Suga let his hair get long and wavy for “Butter” promotions before he decided to bring back his Agust D-style blonde.

4. Blue or purple?

When Jungkook debuted this bold look, fans couldn’t decide on the color…

…but at least one ARMY predicted his hair transformation with this edit (pictured on the left).

5. Captain Jin

Fan artists have placed BTS in many alternate careers. One talented ARMY transformed Jin into a captain, probably not knowing that Jin would take on the role in real life.

Jin | BANGTANTV/Youtube

6. Winter King

Of all the BTS members, Jungkook seems to be having the most edits-to-reality moments this year! His long locks from the 2021 Winter Package

…were predicted by the same fan artist who made a Captain Jin edit.

7. Ponytail V

ARMY’s wish is V’s command! This year, he grew his hair out long enough to pull it back in a ponytail…

…just like his fans imagined he would.

8. This stylish prediction

Let’s play a game of, “find the fake!” The picture on the left isn’t real, but it easily could have been taken on the same day Jungkook took his real photo. ARMY predicted Jungkook’s hair, his style, and even the mood!

9. Silver J-Hope

For years, J-Hope kept his hair on the darker end of the dye spectrum. So, naturally, he made headlines when he debuted this silvery hair!


10. More tattoos? Yes, please!

This year, Jungkook has revealed more of his tattoo sleeve than ever before.


He is bringing more of fans’ old tattoo edits to life, one comeback at a time!

11. Rainbow Jimin

Jimin‘s rainbow hair was a hot topic when BTS dropped their “Butter” teaser photos…


…and the real thing surpassed all our expectations!

12. Criminal undercover

Fan edits predicted V’s smooth criminal hair with this heartthrob edit.

13. Jimin’s skirt

Jimin isn’t the first member of BTS to defy gender norms with his fashion, but he is the first member to wear a plaid skirt in 2021!


Since there are entire blogs dedicated to editing BTS into skirts, there’s no doubt that his real skirt made plenty of fans happy!

14. V’s luscious locks

Once again, fans predicted V’s hairstyle. Could he look any more magnificent?

15. RM’s pink hair

When RM went pink after stating that he would never dye his hair pink again, ARMY trended “all men do is lie” on Twitter. RM’s HYYH-era pink made a comeback this year!