20 New BTS Memes That Will Make Your Pandemic Life Suck Less

These memes will brighten your day!

A lot has changed for the better since 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic began, but life hasn’t quite gone back to normal yet. In the meantime, here are 20 BTS memes to brighten your day!

1. Our pronouns

2. The zodiac we all need in 2021

3. *Throws money at HYBE*

4. Please, excuse me. I need to make a call.

5. BTS on Instagram

6. *Posts twice* “See you next year…” *maniacal laugh*

7. The question we need answered.

8. Wake up!

9. Steve Aoki, is that you?

10. Please, save the phones!

11. Facts only

12. Just tell us

13. Every ARMY since December 6th…

14. Oof. They got us!

15. Wait a minute…

16. Nobody memes BTS better than BTS

17. Trying to study like…

18. Every ARMY in 2020

19. You either know this friend, or you are this friend.

20. That time RM accidentally deleted his files