BTS MOTS:7 Songs As Zodiac Signs

Which one are you?

Which one are you?

1. Aries – ON, Dionysus

Aries is a classic fire sign. They are natural born leaders who are incredibly passionate and determined to accomplish their goals. Strong anthems like ON and Dionysus course through their veins.

2. Taurus – Interlude : Shadow, Black Swan

Taurus’ are typically introverted and self-reliant. Serious songs with a hint of melancholic flare speak to their nature. They feel the weight of the lyrics for Interlude : Shadow and Black Swan in their soul.

3. Gemini – Filter, Louder than bombs

As a social sign, Gemini are often involved in social mind games and dramatic situations. They are entertainers, smooth when they need to be, but hide their pain well. They understand Filter and Louder than bombs better than anyone.

4. Libra – Intro : Persona, Outro : Ego

Represented by the scales, Libras are all about peace and balance. As an air sign, they are constantly reflecting back on their decisions and on who they are. They can only be at peace when they believe themselves and trust their way.

5. Scorpio – UGH!

Fierce, passionate, and powerful are all words that come to mind when you think of Scorpios (despite not being a fire sign). One listen to UGH! and you’ll understand exactly why this is representative of Scorpios’ spirits.

6. Sagittarius – Boy With Luv, Make It Right

Sags are free-spirited and positive individuals. As one of the most romantic signs, cute songs that tug at their heartstrings like Boy With Luv and Make It Right are perfect for a Sagittarius.

7. Cancer – Friends, Inner Child

Relationships are incredibly important to Cancers. They are very sensitive and slightly mysterious, but always genuine. Deep yet upbeat songs like Friends and Inner Child are the perfect match.

8. Leo – Respect

Known for their dedication and loyalty, a song looking at the concept of respect from many angles is classic Leo energy. As a fire sign, they are bold enough to question meanings.

9. Virgo – 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)

Virgos are logical and level-headed, but their perfectionism can get them down. They understand the feeling of wanting a fresh, clean slate.

10. Capricorn – My Time

Capricorns are charismatic and born to lead. They vibe with the lyrics of living their own life to the point where they’re not sure if they grew up too fast.

11. Aquarius – We are Bulletproof : the Eternal

Aquarius’ are eccentric people, often going against the grain and doing things their own unique way. Nothing is more unique than the story of 7 boys who took on the world.

12. Pisces – Moon, Jamais Vu

Pisces are sensitive and have soft hearts that are easily hurt. They are the dreamers, and live their life swimming in their imagination and creative thoughts.

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