10 Of The Wildest Things BTS Has Ever Said And Done On National Television

They had no filter.

You never know what will happen when BTS is on screen! Here are 10 of the wildest things the members have ever said or done on national television.

1. When they told the whole world about their underwear

During a special for the BTS Official Japan Fan Club, V chose his new “panty” as his current favorite fashion item.


His members could have let this slide, but no! They wanted to know what kind of underwear V purchased and even asked him to show it. “Shh!” he shushed. “It’s a secret.” 


Seconds later, Jungkook announced that he was wearing blue underwear, J-Hope called BTS “Panty Sonyeondan”…


…and Jin checked his underwear to confirm that, yes, he was wearing grey.


2. When RM zipped his fly like a boss

Speaking of pants, who can forget this legendary moment? While performing “IDOL” at the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, RM noticed he was flying low. Subtlety? None. RM boldly zipped himself up…

…and made it look like part of the choreography!

3. That time RM called J-Hope and Jin cowards

On The Late Late Show With James Corden, RM didn’t hesitate to spit facts. When asked how J-Hope and Jin would fair for the flinch challenge, he said, “They’re the most cowards of our group.” 

| The Late Late Show With James Corden 

He was savage, but he wasn’t wrong!

| The Late Late Show With James Corden

4. When Jungkook rejected Jimin’s hug on SNL 

One of the best moments on BTS’s Saturday Night Live special happened during the credits. Everyone was hugging, but Jungkook? He left Jimin hanging.

| Saturday Night Live   

Jungkook’s loss was this guy’s gain!

| Saturday Night Live

5. This chaotic mess

The only thing funnier than Jimin wiping out on stage was J-Hope’s reaction to it!

6. When V casually dissed his friend

When V accompanied his friend to an audition, he didn’t intend to become an idol himself. When Jimmy Fallon asked V what happened to his friend, V bluntly said, “He failed.” Jimmy was not ready for that answer!

| The Tonight Show 

7. Suga’s iconic pickup line

During an interview with Billboard, BTS were asked what their favorite pick-up lines are. Suga gave his members secondhand embarrassment by saying, “Do you know BTS? Billboard singer.” 

| Billboard 

8. That time Jimin cheated to win

When Jimmy Fallon’s back was turned, Jimin sneakily added more Post-It notes to Jungkook, hoping to cheat his way to victory.

| The Tonight Show 

9. This legendary entrance

BTS gave Suga a royal entrance at the Golden Disc Awards by carrying him on stage and acting like his bodyguards.

10. When Suga went after a host’s job

During an interview with SBS News, Suga talked about how BTS’s agency originally recruited him to be a producer. If he hadn’t joined Big Hit Music, he might have become an announcer instead.

Suga’s boldness made his members laugh and the announcer sweat. “Oh no, that means I’m kicked out! That sounds so threatening,” the announcer said, playing along.

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