BTS Releases A Christmas-Themed Photoshoot To Make Your Days Merry And Bright

They’re serving some holiday spirit!

Check out this brand new Christmas photoshoot of BTS brought to you by Naver and start feeling some holiday cheer!

1. RM

RM’s adorable Santa look will get you feeling festive.

His existence itself is the real gift.

2. Jin

Worldwide Handsome knows his angles when it comes to taking cute photos.

Which angles work the best for him? All of them.

3. Suga

ARMYs are missing Suga lately, but have no fear, Santa is here!

We’ll gladly accept any present from this cutie.

4. J-Hope

Next up is handsome J-Hope! He’s bringing everyone some Christmas magic.

His reindeer antlers and big eyes make him the cutest Rudolph, like, ever.

5. Jimin

This is how it feels to unwrap mochi on Christmas morning.

Don’t forget to listen to Jimin’s new song, “Christmas Love” this holiday season!

6. V

V’s love for ARMYs is endless.

He’s a selfie king in his holiday outfit!

7. Jungkook

Santa Kookie, hurry down the chimney tonight~

Red is definitely his color!

8. Group

There’s nothing like a cozy family photo during the holidays!

Source: Naver


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