4 Times BTS Randomly Called And Messed With Each Other

Jin hung up after hearing Jungkook’s playful message!

When BTS hold live broadcasts, they sometimes receive surprise phone calls from each other, and these moments are usually hilarious! Here are 4 times BTS randomly called and messed with each other.

1. V teasing Jimin and Jungkook about their cooking


Jungkook and Jimin were making some kimbap in a live broadcast when they suddenly received a call from V. Jimin decided to be playful and jokingly said that he would hang up since it was a “fraud” call.

V then jokingly told Jimin and Jungkook that he was watching their live broadcast and wondered if they were making kimbap correctly.

After hearing this playful comment, Jimin once again joked that he would hang up on V.

After these playful moments, V shared that he called since he was bored. The call, however, unexpectedly ended while V was talking, and Jungkook and Jimin continued with their cooking.

2. V pretending to be a telemarketer

During a live broadcast, ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) asked Jimin to call the members, and he decided to call V. The two played some games and ended their call. V, however, called Jimin again later and pretended to be a telemarketer from SK Telecom, one of Korea’s biggest wireless carriers.

V jokingly told Jimin that he had a “phone bill” of 980,000 KRW (~$874 USD). V also told Jimin that he would receive a speaker if he paid double. Jimin couldn’t help but laugh at V’s playful role-playing.


3. Jungkook being playful with Jin

BTS’s Jungkook

Jin received a call from Jungkook during a live broadcast, and Jungkook asked him about his experience on the show Law of the Jungle. At the time, Jin had just returned from filming Law of the Jungle. Jin playfully told Jungkook that his “shoulders were wider than the sea there.”

Jungkook also asked Jin why he wasn’t reading his comment, and Jin quickly told Jungkook that there were too many comments and it would be impossible for him to find his.

Jin soon put Jungkook on speakerphone and asked him to give a message to ARMYs. Jungkook then playfully said, “ARMYs! My broadcast was better than Jin hyung’s broadcast, right?

After hearing this, Jin hung up!

4. Jimin acting like he was a cleaning service when talking with Jin

BTS’s Jin

In the middle of a live broadcast, Jimin received a call from Jin, who sounded quite tired. Jimin decided to be playful and acted as if he was a cleaning service. Jin played along and told Jimin that he wasn’t interested in his services.

After this playful moment, Jimin told Jin that he was doing a live broadcast, while Jin shared that he was in bed. Jimin reminded Jin that he had to be back in their office in an hour, and Jin jokingly changed his story and said that he was outside the company building. The two concluded their phone call by saying “I love you” to each other!