10 Times BTS Distracted Us With Their Top-Tier Visuals In The Debate Episodes Of “Run BTS!”

Jungkook in #5 is a total serve.

BTS persevered through all the difficulties they faced in episodes 131 and 132 of Run BTS! The members were separated into two teams for the “77 Minute Debate” where they tackled light-hearted topics such as “Do you eat the rice in sikhye (sweet rice drink) or not?

If they accidentally triggered a forbidden word or action, they’d be splashed with water. Besides the fun scenes that ensued because of this, it also gave ARMYs many screenshot-worthy moments. Check some of them out below!

1. V’s two-second shot

V made fans scream with a single two-second scene.

2. Jin’s background appearance

Look behind V and you’ll spot an equally great shot of Jin.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

3. J-Hope’s solo shot

Alone in the pool, all we could see was J-Hope!

4. V’s cap

The way V slicked back his hair should be illegal.

He was killer in this episode!

5. Jungkook’s shirt

Jungkook decided to shuck his button down shirt away…and give us a scream-worthy look.

6. RM’s purple towel

RM definitely made his towel look like a royal robe.

7. Jimin’s self-assured pose

Jimin was an unbothered king!

8. Suga’s bright smile

Suga enjoying his turn as a debate moderator will always be cute!

9. Jin’s confident look

Jin’s visuals were unstoppable.

10. Jungkook hair

Finally, long, shaggy and damp hair fits Jungkook perfectly.


It’s impossible to resist BTS!

Source: Naver LIVE


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