5 Moments Between BTS And Senior Artists That Will Warm Your Heart

V was called an angel due to his kind act!

BTS are incredibly kind to junior artists, but they are also equally kind to senior artists. Here are 5 moments between BTS and senior artists that will warm your heart.

1. V assisting NU’EST W

NU’EST’s Baekho

During a live broadcast, NU’EST’s Baekho revealed a heartwarming story about BTS’s V. He shared that at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards, they only had 3 chairs between the four of them. At the time, Minhyun was not a part of the group since he was in WANNA ONE. Due to them not having enough chairs, the members decided to seat two members and have two members standing.

At the time, two of us were standing and two of us sat. There were 3 chairs. We had to sit but there were 4 of us so it would be weird if only 1 was standing. But we couldn’t all stand either. So we thought, what was the least weird position. We sit like that during interviews too. Two sit in the front and two stand. Then it looks like we sat like that on purpose.

ㅡ Baekho

NU’EST’s Baekho

V saw this situation, so he brought an extra chair for them. The members were touched by this, and Baekho even called V an angel.

Another singer (V) brought us a chair and we were so thankful. While we were confused, he provided a solution…He was like an angel.

ㅡ Baekho

BTS’s V bringing a chair for NU’EST W

2. Singer Solbi sharing the letter she received from Jin

BTS’s Jin (Left) & singer Solbi (Right) | @solbibest/Instagram

Singer Solbi and BTS’s Jin grew close when they were castmates on the show Law of the Jungle. It turns out that Solbi took care of Jin on the show, and Jin wrote Solbi a letter to thank her!

BTS Jin’s letter to singer Solbi | @solbibest/Instagram

3. Super Junior’s Heechul revealing the gift he got from Suga

Super Junior’s Heechul (Left) & BTS’s Suga (Right) | @kimheenim/Instagram

When BTS guested on Knowing Brothers, Super Junior’s Heechul revealed the shoes that Suga got for him as a gift.

Suga couldn’t help but feel a little shy when Heechul revealed this. Heechul then teased the BTS members and asked them if Suga ever got them a gift, and the members jokingly said that they’ve never received one.

4. Norazo’s Jobin sharing a heartwarming story about Jin

BTS’s Jin (Left) & Norazo’s Jobin (Right)

On an episode of Happy Together, Norazo’s Jobin shared a story of how BTS’s Jin helped him during the 2018 KBS Song Festival. Jobin revealed that during the final stage of the festival, he stood at the back.


Jin, who was an MC, saw Jobin and decided to bring him to the front.


Not only did Jin bring Jobin to the front, but he also encouraged Jobin to dance alongside him! Jin also held onto Jobin’s hand so that he wouldn’t stand at the back again. Jobin praised Jin for his personality and said that there’s a reason why BTS is so loved.

It made me realize why BTS is so popular and loved.

— Jobin

5. RM assisting singer Ailee

Singer Ailee (Left) & BTS’s RM (Right)

At KCON in 2016, singer Ailee was seen struggling going down some stairs. BTS’s RM, who was right beside her, decided to assist her down the stairs.

| koreanlover1fan5/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!