7 Shirtless Photos Of BTS That Scream “Chapter 2”

We still can’t get over #6. 🔥

The new era of BTS includes solo promotions, new music, and lots of shirtless photos! Check out some of the most iconic “Chapter 2” moments so far.

1. Jungkook is proud of his back muscles!

He left fans shook when he suddenly uploaded his bare back to Weverse.

Jungkook | Weverse

2. V bared it all for Vogue.

This stunning photoshoot left little to the imagination.

V | @thv/Instagram

3. Jimin and Jungkook show off their built physiques.

This photo was a gift for ARMYs on Jungkook’s birthday!

Jungkook | @j.m/Instagram

4. RM recorded his gym workout for fans.

He showed off his pull-up skills.

RM | Weverse
RM | Weverse

5. J-Hope loves teasing fans with his shirtless selfies.

He shows just enough to drive ARMYs crazy!

J-Hope | Weverse, @uarmyhope/Instagram

6. Suga put an elegant spin on the “exposed” trend the members seem to be going for.

This photoshoot was everyone’s lockscreen.

Suga | @agustd/Instagram
Suga | @agustd/Instagram
Suga | @agustd/Instagram
Suga | @agustd/Instagram

7. Even conservative Jin bared it all for Instagram.

He really stepped out of his comfort zone!

Jin | @jin/Instagram


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