Snickers Has Always Been A BTS Fan – Here’s The Proof


When McDonald‘s announced its collaboration with BTS, “The BTS Meal,” ARMY took to Twitter to excitedly celebrate the news.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

McDonald’s official Twitter account even joined in on the celebration, first tweeting that the admin also runs a secret stan account, which McDonald’s Korea couldn’t help but reply to, saying, “Same. Let’s keep in touch on those secret accounts…

And replying to fans, encouraging the hype around the collaboration.

Now that Snickers has announced their new collaboration with BTS, fans are reminded of when Snicker’s Twitter account also became a stan account for BTS.

Although ARMY were surprised by the sudden announcement…

Many fans saw the collaboration coming based on scenes in BTS’s music videos and Snickers’ 2021 tweets.

Here are some of Snickers’ best stan account tweets.

1. The excellent puns

2. The infamous candy war

3. The love for ARMY

4. The confirmation of their ARMY status

5. The relatable “how I became an ARMY” story

You can read more about the collaboration here.

BTS’s Snickers Collaboration Was Foreshadowed Years Ago