8 Stage Names BTS Members Almost Debuted With

Jimin had a simple reason he went with his real name!

It would be hard to imagine the BTS members with different stage names, but they have shared the stage names they almost debuted with over the years. Here are 8 stage names the BTS members almost debuted with.

1-3. Seagull, Tattoo, Ian (Jungkook)

In an episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, Jungkook shared that “Seagull” was one of his potential stage names, as he is from Busan and the official bird of the city of Busan is the seagull.

“Tattoo” and “Ian” were also considered for Jungkook’s stage name, but all of these were scrapped in the end!

4-5. Baby J and Baby G (Jimin)

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimin was asked if it was true that he almost debuted with the stage name “Baby J.”

Jimin, when you guys were deciding on stage names, is it true that you almost decided to go with ‘Baby J?’ What else was in the running?

— Jimmy Fallon

Jimin confirmed this to be true! He also shared that “Baby G” was also considered.

Jimin ultimately didn’t go with either of these names as they sounded too weird to him!

But when I thought about saying, ‘Hi, I’m Baby J,’ that sounded really weird, so I just decided to go on with my real name.

— Jimin

6. Gloss (Suga)

Before Suga debuted in BTS, he was active as a lyricist in his hometown (Daegu) and went by the stage name “Gloss.”

BTS’s Suga

He originally wanted to keep using “Gloss,” but BTS’s agency advised against it and thought the name wouldn’t have much impact and that he should choose something prettier. Bang Si Hyuk, the head of BTS’s agency, later suggested the name “Suga.”

Suga liked the name since it contradicted his stage appearance. He also liked it because of its connection to the position he played in basketball (shooting guard), as “Suga” is made up of the first two parts of these words.

7-8. Rex and Cis (V)

When BTS guested on Mnet‘s YamanTV, V shared that he chose the stage name “V” over ones like “Rex” and “Cis.”



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