3 Times BTS’s V Talked About His Past “Love Life”

The members laughed at his answer on #2!

BTS‘s V can sometimes be a “troll,” and he has said some hilarious things when talking about his past “love life.” 

BTS’s V | 방탄소년단/Facebook

Here are 3 of these moments. 

1. Story about his first love

In an episode of Rookie King, some of the BTS members spoke about their first loves. V shared that he had a one-sided love with a girl in the past. V planned on confessing to this person over the phone. 

V’s plan didn’t end up working out since it rained that day, and the girl didn’t pick up his call. V was sad on his way home, and Lee Juck‘s song “Rain” started playing.

The staff was a little curious and asked V if he made up this story. V then got honest and said that the one-sided love part was real, but the part about listening to Lee Juck’s “Rain” was made up!

2. V talking about his dating history

In BTS’s guest appearance in Super Junior Shindong‘s ShimShimTaPa, V was asked if he’s ever dated before, and he said that he had!

When V was in first grade, he chatted with people on SayClub (an online messenger). Shindong and the other BTS members began laughing after V said this!

V then shared, “I’ve dated a lot of classmates by messaging each other online,” which once again caused laughter.

V also revealed that he received a lot of confessions through Sayclub. V stopped using Sayclub when he reached middle school.

While V has gotten many online confessions, he shared that he’s never received a face-to-face confession!

3. V’s reaction when RM asked him about his first love

This one is different, as V didn’t exactly give an answer. In an episode of Run BTS!, V was about to start a presentation when he got interrupted by RM asking him, “Tell us about your first love.”

V tightened his lips and laughed a little after hearing RM’s question.

V ignored RM’s playful question and went on with his presentation.


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