20 Of ARMY’s Funniest Reactions To BTS V’s Shirtless Selfie

“Please stream ‘Yet to Come.’ Taehyung don’t even have money to buy a shirt anymore…”

Today, woke up and chose violence. Between BTS announcing “Chapter 2” of their careers and their return to music shows, fans have had a wild week…but it’s not over yet. Today “User Thv” bared it all in a shirtless Instagram selfie. As expected, ARMY is not okay!

V | @thv/Instagram

1. Fund his wardrobe, please!

2. The one time he won’t hit “delete”

3. Don’t get any ideas, Jungkook!

4. Surprise?

5. No, no, no. We are not okay!

6. Let’s just close the whole book and back away slowly…

7. Think healing thoughts…

8. Whoa, now. Calm down!

9. The Tae-pocalypse is here.

10. We’re fine. Really.

11. Hiatu…what were we talking about?

12. Lungs? What are lungs?

13. But what if he’s cold?!

14. From “Oh, yes!” to “Oh, no.” real quick.

15. Welcome to the rest of your day.


17. Don’t worry, HYBE. ARMY’s got it covered.

18. Could be a mustache. Could be nothing at all.

19. Speaking of which…

20. It all makes sense now.