10 Things That Happened During BTS V’s 5-Minute Livestream

Did you catch #3?

BTS‘s V “came home” to ARMYs and held a livestream! It didn’t last very long, but it was still eventful. Check out the must-see moments below.

1. Showing his flawless side profile

His silhouette is totally perfect.

2. Revealing his stunning manicure

His nail art reflects his own unique style perfectly!

3. He brought back this iconic “Venice Beach” shirt

He looks stunning in tank tops!

4. Casually playing with his blonde hair

He drives ARMY crazy with his flirting.

5. His sad and happy face obsession

He brought it back on his nails, but many fans remember his fake tattoos.

6. Giving ARMYs this look

It’s impossible not to fall in love with him.

7. Ending the live in a hurry

Only 5 minutes later, he ended the stream.

8. His million dollar smile

We love seeing him so happy!

9. Being effortlessly perfect

No flaws detected!

10. Summary of his live

Did you catch him?

Learn more about his nail art below.

BTS’s V Proudly Shows His Nail Art To ARMY And Shares His Inspiration