4 Reasons Why BTS’s V Is A World-Class Model Citizen Everyone Can Look Up To

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On September 1, news outlets reported that BTS‘s V was given a plaque by the Mayor of Goyang City due to his diligent paying of taxes. It was so prestigious, only three people were awarded! The information sparked praise for him online, with many calling him a model citizen.

On that note, here are four reasons why V is a model citizen that anybody and everybody can look up to.

BTS’s V | @thv/instagram

1. He regularly pays his taxes

As previously mentioned, V makes sure to always pay his taxes on time. It’s to the point that the local government recognized his contribution to the financial growth of the city.

In a world where wealthy people try their hardest to reduce the amount of taxes that they pay, V is a breath of fresh air. His uprightness seriously can’t be denied.

2. He donates to charity

V doesn’t just pay his taxes regularly, he also quietly donates to charity. Being the humble people that they are, the BTS members are the type to secretly make huge donations to people in need. They also give money to worthy causes.

In other words, they sound like the kindest and most generous millionaires out there!

3. He advocates for important causes

Next, V is an advocate for several causes, one of the most prominent ones being for self-love. The group inspires people to love themselves in spite of the growing pressures of the world.

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4. He uses his influence for the good

Last but not the least, V is a model citizen because he uses his huge influence for the good. For example, ARMYs are inspired by him to do kind deeds for others. Knowing how much he loves animals, children, and nature, they donate to numerous organizations on his behalf.

BTS are at the forefront of change in this generation, and it’s thanks to people like V that many are trying to make a difference in the world. If he isn’t a model citizen, who is?

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Source: Naver