Here Are 10 Reasons Why ARMYs Need #WorkoutWithBTS Next

Seriously, #3 is just a fact.

After the release of BTS‘s new “Study With BTS” video, ARMYs started getting creative with other videos they would love to see from the boys. One of the ideas, “Workout With BTS,” instantly gained attention on Twitter. Check out some of the reasons ARMYs named below of why they need this to happen ASAP!

1. Well, just think of the possibilities.

This is the content we deserve.

2. Each member can have their own segment.

ARMYs will be skilled in all areas by the end!

3. Working out is just so much better than studying.

You can’t argue with this logic.

4. More of this, please.

You can never have enough sweaty Bangtan.

5. Alternatively, you can sit back and watch the eye candy.

Watching BTS > Getting fit.

6. Let’s be honest, ARMYs have their priorities in check.

Watching them study is nice, but watching them exercise is *chef’s kiss.*

7. There will be a whole lot of this.

Proven fact: Jin’s wink makes your heart beat as fast as a half-hour of cardio.

8. If HYBE wants to keep the gyms open, the least they can do is let ARMYs take a peek.

Did we say close the gyms? Forget that.

9. Taking care of your health is important.

Plus, seeing BTS exercise is 100x more motivating.

10. Big Hit Music is definitely listening, so it’s only a matter of time before it’s released.

They know everything that ARMYs want!

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