Big Hit Music Keeps “Stealing” ARMY’s BTS Ideas, But Nobody’s Complaining

They’re that friend that copies your homework.

BTS knows all about ARMY’s memes, inside jokes, and “secrets,” but they aren’t the only ones. BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, is proving once again that great minds think alike!

Jungkook and Suga | @BTS21_2019/Twitter

Today, BTS aired a live study session on their YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. As expected, fans couldn’t focus on their homework at all. They ended up studying BTS rather than studying with BTS, and some also felt a strong sense of deja vu. Why does this new content seem so familiar?

“Study with BTS” is ARMY’s own content come to life! Some creative fans have been taking video clips of BTS and editing them to look like Zoom calls. These interactive POV (point of view) edits have become especially popular during the pandemic since many people are attending school and work virtually.

| @vantends/Twitter 

This isn’t, however, the only time Big Hit Music has allegedly taken inspiration from fans! The flowchart for BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E ticketing guide (pictured right) looks strikingly similar to the flowchart from a fan’s purchasing guide.

| @vantends/Twitter

ARMY illustrated the global popularity of BTS’s song “Butter” with a yellow map — and so did Big Hit Music!

| @vantends/Twitter

Even memes, like fans’ celebratory Hot 100 Chart clips, have become official content!

| @vantends/Twitter

Are Big Hit Music employees lurking on stan Twitter and TikTok? All signs point to maybe. BTS’s content has mimicked ARMY’s too many times for it to be a coincidence…

…but nobody’s complaining. After all, Big Hit Music is just giving the people what they want!

Pick up a pencil, open your textbooks, and study with BTS here: