Does BTS’s Jungkook Know ARMY’s Inside Jokes? All Signs Point To Yes 

He brought back an iconic moment from the past.

ARMY has inside jokes, memes, memories — and BTS knows exactly what goes on!

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Not only do the members know ARMY’s secrets, but they also expose them in hilarious ways. For instance, Suga outed fans’ love for J-Hope‘s hip thrusts, giving millions of people secondhand embarrassment. (And we might have deserved it.)


A while back, Jungkook found out about the “Euphoria” fanchant that fans wrote for him, but that’s not all he knows about.

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Today, during his birthday broadcast, Jungkook brought back an iconic memory from 2016. Five years ago, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin got silly during BTS Live : Eat Jin + chimchim + kook. In that live broadcast, Jin and Jungkook refused to stop bickering, disrupting Jimin’s chat with fans.

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When Jimin told them to stop it, Jin replied in English. “Hey, stop it!” he said, then spelled out “stop it” with Jungkook. Jin’s quote instantly became a fan favorite. It’s appeared on memes all over the internet, and it’s often purposely misspelled as “Hey, stob it!” 

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Fast forward to 2021. During his 2+ hour birthday live, Jungkook imitated Jin’s quote. Now, we need it on loop!

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