3 Times Dreamcatcher Brought Back Old Hairstyles And Totally Rocked It

Dreamcatcher is no stranger to throwback hairstyles.

In fashion and beauty alike, Dreamcatcher continues to wow InSomnia with their striking looks in the “MAISON” music video.

However, this is not the first time the seven-member group has demonstrated their ability to stay abreast of popular hairstyles. Here are three comebacks where Dreamcatcher members flaunt their fashionable locks inspired by hair trends from the past.

1. Yoohyeon’s dyed front bangs in “MAISON” 

Otherwise known as a skunk stripe, Yoohyeon sports her distinctive black front pieces in two ways throughout the music video: blunt bangs and two full-length front chunks.

Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon in “MAISON” | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube

This edgy trend emerged during the Y2K era of the early 2000s.

2. Siyeon’s stacked flower clips in “BEcause” 

Based on another trend originating from the early 2000s, Siyeon dons multi-colored flower clips, parting her front bangs.

Dreamcatcher Siyeon in “BEcause” | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube

As carnivals, toys, and music boxes are all motifs of “BEcause”, the vibrant hairclips add a doll-like flair that fits perfectly with the song concept.

3. JiU’s fringeless Hime Cut in “You and I” 

A Hime Cut (Princess Cut) refers to two short, face framing side bangs that contrast with the rest of the hair, which is kept long. This style developed during Japan’s Heian period, from 794 to 1185 CE, but is still widely popular amongst Japanese celebrities to this day.

Dreamcatcher JiU in “You and I” Promotional Teaser | @hf_dreamcatcher/Instagram

Dreamcatcher’s musical style takes some influence from Japanese rock and anime music, which could explain the incorporation of the Hime Cut into JiU‘s visuals. While most commonly paired with a blunt fringe, she showcases a variation of the style, forgoing the front bangs.

Hime Cut hairstyle | @sumaiyamoushi/Pinterest

Fringeless Hime Cuts are rising in popularity in 2022, which means JiU appears to be years ahead of her time since the “You and I” music video’s 2018 release.

Dreamcatcher JiU in “You and I” Music Video 

Source: Lifestyle Asia, Allure and Buzzfeed