Most F*cked Up Things Antis Ever Did To BTS

Being a global super star isn’t easy, and these “antis” don’t make it any better.

Success comes with a few perks — fame, money, fans — but it also means nasty haters. So when BTS made it big worldwide, there became “Anti-fans (안티팬, haters)” who simply could not handle the boys’ brilliance. These haters act out to harass the members, intimidate the fans, and ultimately get more attention for themselves. Of course, haters can keep hating because BTS and ARMYs stand united and strong. Check out the seven times when “Antis” tried but failed.


1. Airport Mobbing

When BTS landed in Indonesia in 2015, “Sasaeng (사생, extreme fans)” were waiting at the airport. These so-called fans began reaching out and putting their hands on whatever they could, mainly all over Jungkook‘s body, physically harassing the boy group. Other voices in the video begin shouting not to touch the members, but the crazed “sasaeng” fans continued to chase after the boys with their hands out, ready to grab.


2. RM’s Death Threats

Also in 2015, RM received a series of tweets that threatened his life, resulting in the cancellation of the boy group’s post-concert “Hi-Touch” event and photo-ops for The Red Bullet tour in New York. In fact, the concert itself actually came to an abrupt end when the authorities became aware of the potential risk for a shooting incident. Fans who attended the concert did not understand the situation at first and became confused, frustrated, and disappointed about everything. Later as it was confirmed to have been because of gun threat tweets, fans apologized to BTS.


3. The Swedish Chase

BTS had to literally run away from haters when they were in Sweden for a shoot. When the boy group stopped by a cafe to grab something to eat and wind down, a group of “sasaeng” fans gathered to watch. These “sasaengs” continued to linger around the cafe to see the members came out. When the cameraman became uncomfortable with their presence, he requested they go away and give the boys some privacy. Instead of doing what had been asked of them, these “fans” pretended to leave — only to start chasing after the boys as they stepped out of the cafe. When videos and pictures of this incident went around, Swedish ARMYs got together and filmed a sincere apology for BTS.


4. “Sajaegi (사재기, chart manipulation)” Suspicions

When BTS outsold BIGBANG in 2015, haters lost their minds and began accusing the boy band of using the “Sajaegi (사재기, chart manipulation)” hack to manipulate the physical album sales numbers. Not once did it cross the haters’ minds that the boy group could have accomplished high sales by simply working hard. To the allegation, BTS and its agency Big Hit Entertainment countered  by arguing, “Big Hit Entertainment doesn’t have the resources to do such a thing.” Fans were outraged by the haters unwilling to believe that BTS deserves #1 and stepped forward to respond to and clarify the suspicions one by one.


5. Plagiarism Accusations

Since several of RM’s rap verses became controversial, under the haters’ argument that they were written by other artists first, BTS has been involved in countless plagiarism allegations. Accusations of BTS members copying other boy groups’ stage concepts, album designs, and more led to a hashtag trending on Twitter. Haters began calling BTS the “Pyojeolsonyeondan (표절소년단, plagiarism boys)” and tagging their malicious, hateful tweets that accused all members of being untalented copy cats.

When BTS included words like “PJSND (ㅍㅈㅅㄴㄷ, letters to represent plagiarism boys)” or “SJG (ㅅㅈㄱ, letters to represent chart manipulations)” in the VCR clip played at their concert in Seoul, as the members stood facing the wall where such words were shown, it shattered a million ARMY hearts. Because this meant the members were also aware of the haters’ accusations and rumors going around, ARMYs wanted to help the boys cope. Both the domestic and global fan bases began moving as a group to actively report malicious comments, rumors, and postings about the boy group. Big Hit Entertainment now enforces a strict no tolerance policy.


6. Vacation Exposed

“He went up to CGV to watch ‘Inside Men’. He’s in Geoje City! He ate at VIPS in Geoje.”

When an angry EXO-L didn’t think twice before tweeting V‘s whereabouts, she ended up destroying his day-off with haters swarming to harass him. Post a fandom feud between the two popular K-Pop boy groups, this girl ran into V and decided to share his location. Her tweets, informing that he was at a specific theater to watch a movie with his parents in Geoje City, led the “sasaengs” straight to him. Fan accounts reported that V ended up leaving in the middle of the movie because too many people were gathering around him and he was scared that he would be mobbed.


7. Jimin’s Death Threats

Member Jimin has definitely received one too many death threats throughout his idol career with BTS. His most recent one, claiming he will be attacked in Fort Worth, Texas, during the boy group’s upcoming tour in the United States had ARMYs worried sick. Both the agency and the city police became involved in making sure the concert venue will be 100% safe for the members and the fans. ARMYs tried to work together to make sure such horrifying news does not reach Jimin and make him panic. Fans requested of each other that they remain calm and allow the authorities do their jobs.

Jimin spoke up for the concerned fans and comforted them, stating “I’m not going to be caught up by these threats. There are so many people waiting to see me. I don’t think anyone has to worry because my staff members take very good care of me.” BTS will be in Fort Worth, Texas in September 2018.