3 Female Celebrities Who Boldly Defended Their Staff Against Fans’ Negative Comments

They handled it like pros.

Although celebrities are often showered with love, there are also times when they are faced with negative comments online. They typically ignore the ones addressed to them, but it’s a different story when their staff are the ones receiving the heat.

In no particular order, here are three female celebrities who have stepped up to defend their staff members from fans’ verbal attacks.

1. Red Velvet’s Yeri

First up is none other than Red Velvet’s Yeri. The “Psycho” singer recently posted a photo of herself having her hair and makeup done. She wore an adorable bow-like hairstyle that looked as if it required a ton of expertise and time to complete.

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When the stylist harmlessly commented, “When was this picture taken? LOL cutie,” one fan bluntly replied, “This hairstyle is so ugly.

In response, Yeri asked the fan to “be more gentle” before commenting as it could hurt the other person’s feelings.

She later clarified that she simply wants her staff members who “work day and night” for her to receive the respect that they deserve.

2. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Fellow member Wendy also has a history of defending her staff from verbal attacks online.

In 2016, the Red Velvet singer responded to a fan who was upset with the group’s controversial styling in red carpet events and music shows. At that time, many felt like the girls were being dressed in “unusual” and “ugly” clothes.

Wendy, however, didn’t agree with the fans. She replied that their stylists worked hard to prepare their outfits, and she thanked them for doing so.

  • Fan: Who would even wear these outfits ㅠㅠ
  • Wendy: Why~? Our stylist unnies worked really~ hard to prepare these outfits for us~ You worked hard unnies ㅠ_ㅠ

3. Song Ji Hyo

Last but not the least, actress Song Ji Hyo received concerned messages from fans for her “unflattering” pixie cut and “bad” outfits, especially her oversized coat at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards with a tear on the bottom hem.

Although the Running Man star did not defend her stylist’s choice of clothes, she did make it clear that the hair cut was completely her own doing. She explained on an episode of Turkiyes on the Block that it was an impulsive move she did when she was drunk one night.

After I got drunk… I suddenly lost my temper. I asked myself, ‘Why on earth am I doing this?‘ So I just took a pair of scissors I use for cutting my toothpaste and used up makeup. I just chopped it off.

— Song Ji Hyo

I’m sorry. Please stop blaming my staff,” she implored.

Meanwhile, read more about the issue in the article below.

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