Song Ji Hyo Finally Spills On Why She Cut Her Hair Short And The Reason Isn’t What You’d Expect

She implores fans to stop blaming her stylists.

Actress Song Ji Hyo is renowned for her seemingly ageless visuals that always stun fans.

Song Ji Hyo | @my_songjihyo/Instagram

But the actress shocked fans when she unexpectedly revealed that she had chopped off her long hair in favor of a pixie cut. Although Song Ji Hyo was rocking the new style, some fans complained that it was “a butchered haircut.”

| @my_songjihyo/Instagram
| @my_songjihyo/Instagram
| @my_songjihyo/Instagram

Shortly after Song Ji Hyo’s shocking hair transformation, fans voiced their concerns over the actress’s styling as she attended the 2021 Asia Artist Awards in an outfit too big for her thin frame, especially with a tear on the bottom hem.

Although industry insiders suggested that the sudden haircut was Song Ji Hyo’s personal choice, fans expressed their frustration and demanded a better styling team for the actress.

| theqoo

[Song Ji Hyo Fandom Demands Changes Be Made To The Actress’s Styling (Outfit/Hair/Makeup) Team]

For years, we the fans have expressed concern over the actress’s styling issues. The only reason we have refrained from taking any official action is that we know Song Ji Hyo is good friends with the styling team and we also understand we cannot force the actress to change per our demands. Hence we have continued to support the actress without voicing our complaints—hoping that improvements will come once she switches agencies and our concerns get addressed.

Unfortunately, last year the actress faced some critical press coverage about her unflattering styling. Additionally, she has constantly been named one of the worst-dressed celebrities in surveys done around online community websites. In response, we the fans no longer feel comfortable with sitting back and watching the negativity build around her.

These repeated styling issues not only make Song Ji Hyo look unprofessional to the public eye, but they also exhaust her most loyal fans. Any reluctance to pursue change and find better styling options for the actress also complicates it for the fandom to expand. We will continue to lose fans, both old and new, if we don’t do something. What is a celebrity without fans, though?

Please acknowledge that Song Ji Hyo’s styling is important not only to the fans, but also to the actress’s career. Being stylish will always help with getting her cast for fit roles and building a strong reputation as a presentable actress.

-Song Ji Hyo’s fandom

Although Song Ji Hyo tried to address the concerns in a Running Man episode, fans were frustrated by her justification, feeling that the actress didn’t properly understand their concerns.

The person who has always styled me dressed me today to fit the theme. My hair will grow back fast.

-Song Ji Hyo

| Nate Pann

Song Ji Hyo, it’s not because of your pixie cut that this is happening. At the awards ceremony, you wore clothes that had torn hems. Also, your stylist keeps dressing you in clothes that doesn’t fit the image of an actress. That’s what we’re talking about. How disappointing.

-Anonymous netizen

In a recent episode of Turkiyes on the Block, Song Ji Hyo herself revealed the reason behind her unexpected haircut. First, MC Lee Yong Jin jokingly suggested that sudden changes in hairstyle are usually the result of a breakup.

Lee Yong Jin: You suddenly got a short bob, which was shocking.

Song Ji Hyo: Oh, my hair?

Lee Yong Jin: Many people get a haircut to get over a breakup.

Lee Yong Jin and Song Ji Hyo | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube

Or that the actress did it to save money she would spend on styling her hair.

Lee Yong Jin: They also say this. They don’t want to waste money on hair anymore. That’s another reason. But why did you cut it? It suits you well, but tell us.


To clarify these rumors, Song Ji Hyo confessed that she impulsively decided to chop off her hair.

Song Ji Hyo: I’ll be honest with you. I’ll be honest.

Lee Yong Jin: Many people are curious.

Song Ji Hyo: Should I say this or not..? I’ll be honest since this is Turkiyes. I got really drunk.

Lee Yong Jin: Did you cut it yourself?

Song Ji Hyo: Yes.


The actress explains that she became frustrated about her long hair while drunk and decided to cut it!

Song Ji Hyo: After I got drunk… I suddenly lost my temper. I asked myself, “Why on earth am I doing this?” So I just took a pair of scissors I use for cutting my toothpaste and used up makeup. I just chopped it off.


Song Ji Hyo then apologizes to fans, asking them not to blame her staff for her decisions.

Song Ji Hyo: I’m sorry. Please stop blaming my staff.


Ever in Queen Song Ji Hyo style, she literally lives her best life doing whatever she wants! No matter the length of her hair, she’s gorgeous as always.

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