Find Out Your Maknae Preference With This BTS’s Jungkook-Based MBTI Test

“I am an ORKP…”

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test, more commonly known as the MBTI personality test, is an “introspective questionnaire” that is used to reveal a person’s preferences. Likewise, this BTS Jungkook-based version of the MBTI test — created by one cheeky ARMY @kooktamin_jk on Twitter — is to reveal what kind of BTS’s maknae you prefer!

Here are the options, provided by @kooktamin_jk.

This is a thing now?! In that case, let’s try a Jungkook-version MBTI.

Choose between:
O-Oppa Jungkook / B-Baby Jungkook
R-Rabbit Jungkook / M-Maltese Jungkook
D-Hair Down / K-Hair Up / H-Hair Half Up
M-Musician Vibe / P-Athlete Vibe / A-Artist Vibe

I am an ORKP.

— Twitter @kooktamin_jk

This dedicated ARMY then came up with explanations for some of the Jungkook-MBTI types.

I tried to write the explanations for the Jungkook MBTI… but I gave up because there are too many. I’m sharing what I did get done. If your type isn’t here… Look at the next closest one? Remember, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!

— Twitter @kooktamin_jk

Here are 10 of the most beloved Jungkook types! See if you are one of the following:


Your ORDM Jungkook is the one of sweet dreams. He is 200% that “First Love” material. ORDM Jungkook is most likely to be playing the piano, with his long hair blowing in the wind! You’re totally into that soft-Jungkook.


Your OMDP Jungkook is the same tracksuit-wearing Jungkook that outran all the other idols at ISAC — back when BTS used to be at ISAC. That energetic and sporty boy vibe gets you every single time.


If you picked ORDA Jungkook, your favorite episode of Run BTS! is when BTS try their hands at making pottery. ORDA Jungkook gets that twinkle in his eye when he’s creating something out of nothing. And this creative, artistic side of Jungkook makes you smile.


ORKP Jungkook is the most dangerous of them all. Your ORKP Jungkook is strong, sweaty, and scorching hot. The Lotte Family Concert Jungkook is most likely your favorite ORKP Jungkook — with his long curls dripping wet with sexiness.


Your OMHP Jungkook is the classic puppy-Jungkook, serving aegyo every other second. Your love for his athlete physique is still dominantly there, but you also go nuts when he smiles like a kid. When OMHP Jungkook meets “Boy With Luv”… well, you’re breathless.


If your Jungkook is BRDP Jungkook, you’re not ready to let baby-Jungkook go yet — and it’s understandable. Baby Jungkook is totally UWU. BRDP Jungkook types want only the best for Jungkook, so he can mature into a strong ORDP.


BRDA Jungkook is the babiest of them all! If you picked BRDA Jungkook, you’re madly in love with the softest side of Jungkook. He is, after all, the most adorable creature on this planet — isn’t that right?


Your BMDM Jungkook is one sentimental baby with emotions running deeper than you can ever grasp. Though young and playful at heart, BMDM Jungkook knows how to appreciate the crisp winter air or the rustles of autumn leaves.


If you piked BMKP Jungkook, you are thoroughly confused. You’re pretty attached to the early-debut days baby Jungkook, but you know well in your heart that he has always been oppa material. This BMKP Jungkook is bound to glow up into ORKP — and you won’t be ready for it.

10. BMHA

BMHA Jungkook is, perhaps, the most K-Pop idol kind of Jungkook amongst all. If you picked BMHA Jungkook, you actually prefer the multiple faces of Jungkook. Today, you’re into his soft Maltese vibe, but tomorrow you’ll be digging his bad boy look. Whichever he may be, you like the potential versatility that comes with BMHA Jungkook!

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