10 Fun BTS Workouts For People Who Hate Exercising

Get into shape while having a blast with BTS!

If you’d rather watch paint dry than hit the gym, here are some fun BTS exercises that can help kickstart your 2020 workout routine!


1. Follow the leader

This cardio warm up is fun, easy, and effective. Grab a friend who is the RM to your V, turn on your favorite BTS jam, and copy whatever they do!


2. No equipment? No problem.

If you don’t have (or want) a gym membership, try getting creative like J-Hope and Jimin. You can turn a friend into your own personal elliptical…


…or shoulder press machine! According to the International Journal of Obesity, 15 minutes of laughter a day burns 10-40 calories, enough to lose 1 to 4lbs a year! So, you can’t go wrong with these absurd exercises.


3. Be bold. Be dramatic. Be Jin.

During workouts, Jin adds his own dash of pizazz. Squats? No. Why squat when you can leap! 


Entertain yourself and your friends by turning the gym into a comedy club. For example, Jin pretended these feather-light dumbells weighed so much…


…that his shoulders burst!


4. Go swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to get fit, especially if you have joint problems. If you have access to a pool, try doing laps like Jungkook.


Or, just throw your friends into the water. Let’s be honest; it’s 10x more fun than laps, and it builds muscles!


5. Get weird and loud

To kick off the new year, BTS looked back on their 2019 goals and shared new goals for 2020. When RM talked about hitting the gym, his members revealed all his embarrassing workout secrets!


V demonstrated RM’s awkward frog squats that RM admits are a little weird.


According to Jin and Jimin, RM also makes warcries while exercising. Now that sounds like a good time!


6. Have a dance party

During V’s vacation, he and his friends turned the gym into their own personal club while Park Seo Joon was lifting.


Months later, we’re still wondering how Park Seo Joon stayed focused!


7. Annoy your friends

One way to have fun at the gym is to train with someone even lazier than you are. That way, you can entertain yourself by pestering–er, I mean–motivating them.


Jin had a hilariously relatable workout moment while on a treadmill. When Jimin ratted him out to a trainer for cheating at cardio, Jin shouted, “Why are you telling them!”


8. Box anywhere, any time

In 2019, Jungkook took up boxing as a hobby. Hitting things is a great way to burn off stress and calories…


…plus, you can get ridiculous with it, like this.


Just keep this in mind: if Jungkook can find time to exercise between rehearsals, concerts, and guest appearances, the rest of us have no excuse!


9. Try whatever this is

Look! You don’t even have to move!


10. Turn the world into your playground

Fact: if you’re moving, you’re exercising. You can get into better shape just by playing around in the world around you!