10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Suga In Japan With The Golden State Warriors

Suga’s turning the entire NBA into ARMY one player at a time.

K-Pop’s biggest NBA (National Basketball Association) fan, BTS‘s Suga, is in Japan for The 2022 NBA Japan Games as the Golden States Warriors play against the Washington Wizards. He’s also met with the entire team ahead of the first game and gifted them autographed copies of Proof.

Check out 10+ of ARMYs’ funniest reactions to Suga with the Warriors…

1. He really is our Lil Meow Meow!

Suga is so smol.

2. He really could have pulled out a whole list, but he’s also so humble!

3. They have the power to save the world.

4. The fanboy literally couldn’t even believe that he was giving his autograph to his favs!

5. Do you think all the players pulled Suga’s photocards?

6. Love does crazy things to people.

7. You know there’s no way Ayesha or the kids were parting with that.

8. Steph took one for the team, and by “team,” we mean ARMY.

9. The borahaefication of Jordan Poole

10. They know he’s lucky!

11. He was lookin’ extra fine sitting courtside.

12. The borahaefication of Stephen Curry

13. Naomi Osaka is so real.

14. Adele and Suga sit at the same table.

15. Two photos, same energy.

16. Not @ this guy rubbing it in!

17. When it looks edited, but it’s very real.

18. The Jiminfication of Suga

19. The real reason why Suga turning down marriage proposals these days…

20. Limited Edition kicks!

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