10 Of The Most Dramatic And Funny Idol Reactions At 2022 ISAC

Seeing reactions from idols is the best part of ISAC.

Fans have been enjoying the variety of content coming out of the 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC). K-Pop idols have had the chance to show off their athletic prowess or lack thereof with some pretty hilarious reactions from their fellow idols.

Here are some of the most hilarious and dramatic reactions from the event!

1. Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Reaction To Lee Know Only Scoring Two Points

Despite scoring well during his first round, Stray KidsLee Know only managed to score two points in his second round causing leader Bang Chan to loudly shout much to his embarrassment.

2.  ATEEZ’s Excitement Over Yeosang Hitting A Bullseye

ATEEZ‘s Yeosang performed well during the archery event and the other members were very…enthusiastic about his results!

3. THE BOYZ Watching Sangyeon’s Archery Performance

Members of THE BOYZ got to react hilariously not once but twice to leader Sangyeon during the archery competition.

4. NCT’s Sungchan Leaving ATEEZ Shook

NCT‘s Sungchan competed in the archery contest and had a very viral moment when he winked after scoring a ten during his turn. His score also drew enthusiastic reactions from NCT’s Jungwoo and Shotaro as well as ATEEZ!

5. Kep1er And Cherry Bullet Being Xiaoting’s Biggest Fans

The two girl groups were both hilariously excited during and after Kep1er Xiaoting‘s dance performance.

6. Actually, Everyone Being Xiaoting’s Biggest Fans

Xiaoting was a professional ballroom dancer, so it’s no surprise her performance was impressive. No one in the audience could control their shock and awe during her portion of the competition!

7. P1Harmony Intak’s Impressive Michael Jackson Performance Featuring Billie Tsuki’s Expressions

It seemed like everyone also enjoyed P1Harmony Intak‘s dance performance of Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal” and “Love Never Felt So Good.”

8. Billlie Teasing Tsuki

When Billie‘s Tsuki placed second in the female dance sports category her emotions got the better of her and she began crying from happiness. When other members of Billie(Haruna, Haram, and Suhyeon) were shown on the big screen, they proceeded to tease her by pretending to cry dramatically.

9. ATINY lying to IVE’s Yujin

ISAC is a chance for idols to interact with other groups and the same goes for fans! When IVE‘s Yujin asked ATINY (ATEEZ fans) whose fans they were, they responded that they were fans of her and IVE. Yujin then makes the most adorably disgruntled face at the lie.

10. ONEUS’s Keonhee Calling WOODZ Sexy

ONEUS and WOODZ were some of the participants in the outdoor futsal competition where the latter caught many eyes for his sexy physique. When ONEUS’s Keonhee was talking to ToMoons (ONEUS fans), he earnestly said that “Seungyounie hyung is sexy.” ToMoons enthusiastically agreed which caused Keonhee and Xion to hilariously react, with Xion saying “Are you guys reacting too much?

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