P1Harmony Intak’s Gold-Winning Performance At 2022 ISAC Had Idols Absolutely Shook — Especially Billlie

“My girl Suhyeon was flabbergasted…”

P1Harmony‘s Intak gave a masterclass in dance at this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship (or ISAC) with a gold-winning performance that had everyone absolutely shook—especially the members of Billlie.

Intak | @P1H_members/Twitter
Billlie | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

From the hilarious sibling rivalry between ITZY‘s Ryujin and Stray KidsBang Chan to Kep1er Xiaoting‘s mind-blowing performance, the 2022 ISAC has been full of viral moments. Xiaoting, as a matter of fact, seemed to have converted the entire audience full of idols into her fans as she took the gold in ‘sports dance.’

Kep1er’s Xiaoting at “2022 ISAC”

Similarly, Intak impressed with his own performance, despite not being a professional ballroom dancer like Xiaoting. As the visual and dancer of P1Harmony, Intak put his full talent on display and gained new fans among the idols in the audience for himself.

| @MOONTARO/Twitter

He performed choreography with ‘paso doble’ influences to Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal” and “Love Never Felt So Good,” and the end result was gold.

His own members, despite the fact that they’re all well acquainted with his talent, were clearly astonished by the show that he put on.

They truly were very proud of him!

Yet, Intak may have had even bigger fans in the audience. Pretty much all the idols there enjoyed his stellar performance, including NMIXX

…but perhaps no one did so quite as much as the members of Billlie. Sitting in the front row, Billlie had the best view of the stage. But they were also in plain view of the fans, who easily noticed the members’ epic reactions to Intak’s dance.

Suhyeon in particular was a standout. Intak left her clearly flabbergasted—and her reaction was too relatable!

Intak’s gold medal was undeniably well-deserved, and it seems like he has many new fans among idols who would agree.

Now all that’s left is for him to have the chance to show off his skills even more!